Looks for The Shopping Holiday: Mona, Comfortable and with The Aim of Making a Good Purchase

You are the? holiday shopping? Do you already have everything ready? I still do not have begun. As always, everything for the last minute, when not is nothing in shops for when shopping is at the top of people. Every year I make amendment to the following year and I intend to make purchases with time, but nothing, I do not learn.

And is that in Christmas We spent the day eating, drinking and shopping: that if the lottery, that if tree, if gifts, if the dress, food, that if some detail,… In short, thank goodness that invented the pay extra because but I don’t know that it would be us.

In today’s post is a review to streetstyle good to launch us on the street willing to provide good shopping and not lose the style.

Comfortable shoes

Of course, comfort is the key: moccasins, slippers, dancers, or boots of those you have like a glove and without much heel. There is nothing too hard if you’re going to try on clothes. The journey is hard and must be well prepared.

Many basic uniform is black, with leather jacket. A look of the more helpful for all occasions.

Best with a shoulder bag allowing us freedom of movement in the hands. There’s so much to take! Surfing my style applies the story.

Olivia Palermo insurance these days is purchase which you buy

That wrap do not forget

A good piece of wrap It is imperative this time: a parka, a quilted anorak, or the classic coat camel that looks Quiet little thing.

Hair wraps are also a good choice, as the white that carries Montse Gabrielle.

Smartride suggests us to walk around the city bike, in the basket will fit all your purchases!. I love the coat Red This girl.

Not without my skirt

If this morning’s shopping it will devote to search your prom dress, should you go with socks and a shoe with a bit of heel to get the idea of how you will eventually look dress, style of The way the blog.

I love how it goes Surfing my style in this look at black and white.

Even for a day of shopping, we must not forget that this season continues triumphing long skirts.

Hanging in my closet prefer them short, with its styling in black and leaving the color for table skirt.

Do you already have your look for the day of shopping?

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