Learn to Give Color to the Winter from Blair Waldorf:

Mix textures, colors and put many more layers of clothing and fashion accessories kilos better. That the main style trick to get be Blair Waldorf. Although there is an essential item that needs to be done as a basic wardrobe, that is the tweed suit or wraps of great pictures. To be able to be in a striking tone.

No black, grey or white. Orange, green, yellow or blue. Hard to find, I know it. But having them hail. From there, everything is adding t-shirts with printed eighties instead of shirts, mittens instead of gloves, brooches of exaggeratedly large flowers and necklaces of fake pearls in commercial quantities.

Socks of rhombuses with fadaspantalon, shorts, or skirts, are another of the musth haves to emulate Queen B. As well as headdresses as a complement to daytime (of Diadems, went down in history)

Although Waldorf sole not to wear jeans, you can follow the same dynamic recharge your looks to the maximum with jeans as a basis.

As you can see the winter is no problem to give color to the costumes. On the contrary: how much colder better because more things can be put one over and more eager to be garish and cheer up. And not even the rain is no impediment. Gray does not exist in the palette of the icon of the prepp

y taken to the extreme.

Although it is sometimes hard to resist the black… or not? Anyway, it is enough to have it as color base and anirmarlo from time to time.