Learn How to Dress with Different Colours from B-loggers

You know the b-loggers. A same 20 b-logger teaches us how to dress at the 20, 30 and 40 years and others teach us with much discretion what to buy before the recess for what they need one stylist?

In this time of Garish colors and much cake one would recommend that these colors were options of our summer wardrobe, but without ever neglecting the basic colours. The b-loggers It seems that they think like.

White a classic color? Not if we look it in a short and a micro top.

And if we take the opposite to fashion and wear the tones cake in Add-ins and more classical tones in our locker room? Because we look like Hapatime and the touch of senoritinga so great ideals.

Grey and black are hard to wear in the summer who doesn’t want to forget clothing and winter tones? Fash and chip gives us keys to how to do so.

Juliette puts the note more fashionista with white and crochet style ad lib. If you don’t have your Bohemian-inspired dress it is time to get it. Curious his way of combining it with add-ins that put a hold.

Beige has always caused me with urticaria. Feel well a few colors of skin and I never wanted to use in styles unless it was an inspired theme in say, Jackie Kennedy. Hapatime gives a lesson in how look it and brightly.