Kim Kardashian Transmits His Daughter Nori Love for Fashion. Small Has Its Own Stylist!

Were these pictures of Kim Kardashian with her young daughter Nori on the way to the Spa which have revolutionized the world of children’s fashion. There are some mothers who decide to take their children to wear blue or pastel pink color more palatial style and other more modern as Kim Kardashian making her daughter all a “it baby” almost nothing more birth.

And is the daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have your own stylist. The work of this person is the get the small-family sets to go to set with fabulous items from the mother. Not to mention that the girl has to look the latest trends as well as the mother and no doubt the most sought-after designers clothing.

The little jackets make you of Balmain and slippers of Charlotte Olympia, along with Harpers Beckham are two small with a more powerful Cabinet. The last look of the small Nori has been total black, with a layer of hair and a few cat slippers, all quite trendy. Do you think the style of the daughter of Kim Kardashian?

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