If You Are Considering Becoming a Fashion Blogger, Wait, Now What Is Carries Is Have a Channel on Youtube

If you, if you see every day to your favorite bloggers and do not stop taking pictures, receive gifts and live a life of dream (although it is much harder than it seems) and you were thinking about open a fashion blog and razing the network stand a few minutes to think, now what is is to be YouTuber.

Many fashion bloggers are opening up channels on Youtube to deal with that media, but some girls do just this with the possibility Bill figures of vertigo. They become his passion, that is, in videos that create their profession, something really magical. Today I will review one of the most fashionable sector channels.


Bethlehem Canalejo It has become one of the best-known videobloggers of the moment, she started at the same time the blog that this youtube channel so successful has generated. Just published its own style guide and their videos have become one of the most fun network.


Paula Ordovas It is well known for its fashion blog where you can find very suggestive looks almost every day. It has now also opted for opening its own youtube channel, dedicated to the sport and health. In it you will find exercises to enhance those parts of the body that most us cost.


Aida Domenech is also a fashion blogger, one of the most important of Barcelona, but a long upload hilarious videos on your channel where it has your everyday life a little. Currently it has taken it more seriously and upload one a week.

Marta Riumbau

On this occasion Marta Riumbau He is dedicated exclusively to his Youtube Channel, without having a blogger back platform. In this channel you will find the daily life of Marta, Since the preparations for her upcoming wedding to furniture decorating your home.

Secret girls

Another of the Youtubers with more subscriptions and visits from the world of fashion and beauty is Secret girls, where can you find all the things that sometimes you resists a perfect makeup or a braid for shopping fun and original way.

Arantxa Sanchez

This young woman with aspirations of being a biologist turned in one of the Youtubers with more visits in our country. It is now a fashion designer and her videos have developed a great change from the first that she herself performed with its own mobile. Arantxa you explain since I get to go to a wedding to the best look for your day to day.