I Am Divine Teaching Legs (With SOCKS!)

With the still Christmas hangover and in any other autonomous community celebrating the day of San Esteban, the street style returns to offer the best: easy-to-copy looks and divine. Today all have one thing in common: teach legs. That Yes, always with SOCKS (but the risk of catching pneumonia is 99 ’ 99%). with which of them going to stay?

And we started with a garment that I love which is versatile: the jeans shorts. In summer they are luxury with dark legs, and in winter also thanks to some good thick socks. An example? This extruded look of ‘ Chuchus blog ‘. I love it!

The sequins are very popular for this season autumn/winter 2011 / 2012, but we tend to them (myself included) be attributed to evening apparel. Why? In ‘ month voyages to Paris ‘ see as one simple skirt made in this material also it looks great with a sweater day. How would you like this outfit with some oxford?

I am dress

Many girls prefer to teach legs thanks to a minidress. Whether ladylike, babydoll or otherwise, feel more comfortable with it. And these bloggers also. ‘ Scent of Obsession ‘ is a blog from an Italian who is sticking very and very strong. From there we get this garment in blue sky of Zara. The best? Although in the photo is not, the back of This dress is in V and feel great. And it is available in pink suit!

If you are one of them that they run the rock veins, make like the protagonist of ‘ Love shopping and fashion ‘ and combines your minidress with a motorbike jacket.

And finally we leave you with this other composite look by a dress shirt type, boots and jacket in black. What do you think?

Happy holidays to all!