How the Low-Cost Chains Takes Advantage and Get Profit

In fact, only going for a walk. But you’ve spent ahead of showcase of Zara, Mango, Primark or H & M and we could resist going to look at what there is. You have just seen a cute dress for very little money, and you’ve finished going through box. A simple buy bargain that gives us a great pleasure, as shown by a study performed in 2007. And of course, low-cost chains know how to take advantage and get profitable this small addiction we have.

Why do we buy?

Buying is the great entertainment of the West. Internet and shop around every corner make buy cheap easy, simple, fast, and spend an afternoon shopping one of our entertainment favorite. No matter what so much shopping but the fact of buying itself. For example, do many things you have in your wardrobe even with the start tag? How many times have you bought a skirt and when you come home you’ve noticed that you have a very similar? How many garments you give or send to the attic without having nearly used?

The consequences are second hand stores and landfills to accumulate more clothes that can be managed. Practically new clothes. We can not stop buy and always want to have something new to release soon. Trends come and go and we want to have the latest, the same thing has worn the fashion b-logger, it carried the famous turn. Everything has a scientific explanation.

In 2007, researchers from Stanford, MIT, and Carnegie Mellon They observed the brains of people while they were buying decisions. Researchers found that when the subjects in the study were an object for sale, the pleasure Center is illuminated. Then, the scientists showed the price. The brain is then torn between shopping pleasure and pain to pay. Buy not just joy because you’ve bought something because you like it or you’re going to use, but because you have bought a bargain.

How the shops take advantage of our buyer instinct

Of course, the fast fashion chains they know to constantly feed that desire. First, because the clothing is incredibly cheap. Secondly, because the stores are constantly renewing the shelves, making that there is always something new to keep the eye. Zara brings new clothes twice a week, while H & M and Forever 21 they renew their shelves every day.

These chains offer clones of the great designers at a lower price, so comparatively, everything looks like a bargain. People to buy things they don’t need: If we see a dress of 30 euros to 20 or 15 euros reduced we bought it instantly. With such low margins, the only way that fashion chains get benefits is selling large quantities of clothing.

Clothing prices have continued lower in recent decades, Thanks to that have moved production facilities to countries developing development. This makes to buy lots of clothes that makes years, it may be of lower quality, and will pass fashion much before.

Buy as entertainment

But all is not lost, the Slow movement fashion promulgates buy fewer clothes and do it by buying garments made by sustainable and ethical media. Not all are addicted to shopping, Fortunately.

But it is true that thanks to mobile phones and the internet, buy is at our fingertips at all times. Already do not buy only by necessity, but shopping is one of our favorite entertainment, It is more a pleasant activity such as watching TV or eating, it has been proved scientifically. Now have explanation of what has happened when your Visa receipt.