Holidays in Germany

Holidays in Germany

Germany is an amazing country with a rich history. First of all, tourists love it for interesting excursions and sights, but it also offers its guests ample opportunities for outdoor activities and even several quality beach resorts on the Baltic Sea. This is what makes Germany so attractive at any time of the year for completely different types of tourists.

Are you interested in Germany? Holidays in this country can be truly unforgettable and varied.

Holidays in Germany – the pros and cons


  • Opportunities for varied recreation;
  • A busy life, a lot of nightlife, festivals are held regularly;
  • Many interesting architectural sights and castles;
  • Delicious cuisine;
  • Beautiful nature;
  • A huge number of museums with interesting and rare exhibits;
  • Pedantry in everything – there is no doubt about the quality of the dishes served to you in a cafe or in service at a hotel;
  • The friendliness of the Germans;
  • Suitable for holidays with children;
  • No need to fly far;
  • High security.


  • Relatively high cost of recreation and high prices in the country itself;
  • The situation with migrants from Arab countries is quite difficult, some tourists are uncomfortable because of them. However, there are not many of them at the resorts;
  • Visa required;
  • It is a beach holiday that is not very good, the country is still better suited for sightseeing and ski holidays.

IMPORTANT: In the end, we can say that a trip to Germany is a great idea for those who are interested in the culture and sights of this country and have enough free finances. In other cases, it may not be worth the money spent.


According to, the climate in Germany is pleasant, temperate, moving from continental to maritime. It can be unpredictable – in January it sometimes suddenly gets warmer, and in summer a cold wind suddenly blows and cool days begin. In general, the winter here is quite warm, especially compared to Russia, the summer is not hot, and autumn and spring are rainy. Germany is a rather large country, so the weather here varies greatly depending on the region – it is warmer in the west, and a little cooler in the south.


Holidays in Germany will be remembered for a long time if you bring memorable souvenirs from there. Of course, you can buy ordinary magnets and figurines, but it is better to bring something more typical for Germany, for example:

Porcelain beer mugs.

Germany is famous for its beer and porcelain, and such a souvenir immediately reminds of both virtues of the country. Mugs are mostly one-litre, intricately decorated, often with lids;


If you do not like souvenirs that gather dust on the shelves, then German chocolate or gingerbread will be a great option;

German sausages and sausages.

They will be an interesting souvenir, especially for meat lovers. And you can also grab local mustard;


Alcohol lovers will definitely like the beer brought from Germany, or Jaegermeister branded German liquor;

Toy bear cubs from Germany.

Great gift for a child or girl. They are sold almost everywhere here. And in general, toys from Germany are always very beautiful and of high quality;


During the Christmas holidays, almost anywhere you can buy the Nutcracker, the hero of a famous German fairy tale. However, they are also sold in the summer, though not in such a wide range;


Of course, German cosmetics are also sold here, but in Germany itself they are cheaper and of higher quality. Tourists buy Nivea and Schwarzkopf, as well as Dr. Haushka, Logona and Lavera;

National clothes.

An interesting souvenir will be national costumes and hunting hats with a feather;

Bavarian Wolpertinger.

In Bavaria, you can buy an unusual souvenir – the Bavarian Wolpertinger. This strange creature has the body of an owl, the head of a hare and crow’s feet, and according to legend lives in the forests of the Alps;

Piece of the Berlin Wall.

Many bring a piece of the Berlin Wall from Germany – in general, such vandalism is not condemned.

Visa and customs

Germany is a member of the Schengen Agreement, so you will need a valid Schengen visa to enter its territory. Getting it lately is not so difficult – you just need to collect all the necessary documents, take a photo and contact a company that resolves visa issues. There is also a national visa that only allows you to stay in Germany.

Customs rules are generally standard. You can import and export currency in any amount, but amounts over 10 thousand euros must be declared at the entrance. The importation of cigarettes and alcohol is allowed, but it may be taxed. It is prohibited to bring drugs, firearms and other dangerous items into the country. A special permit is required to import medicines. The import of many foodstuffs is also prohibited.

Frequently asked Questions


How to choose a hotel?


There are a lot of hotels in Germany, and you can easily find options for every taste and budget. Hotels are rated on a standard five-star system. The cheapest are the economy class hotels of the Ibis chain, despite the fact that the level of comfort there is quite high. Also in Germany, especially in large cities, there are a lot of hostels. Another budget option is mini-hotels, boarding houses, mostly private. There are many places for camping in the country. There are many luxurious hotels here – those located in ancient buildings or even castles are especially valued. It is also worth mentioning Spa hotels in small resorts, where you can not only have a good rest, but also improve your health.


What to take with you to Germany?


In addition to the usual set, you should definitely take: German phrasebook – far from the entire population of the country speaks English. Medicines – any medicines are sold here only by prescription. Cigarettes are very expensive here. Warm clothes – it can suddenly become quite cool here even in summer.


What German laws are important for a tourist to know and follow?


In Germany, compliance with laws is monitored very strictly, so it is important to comply with them, including tourists. Particular attention is paid to traffic rules, so if you rent a car, be sure to follow the signs and speed limits. Remember that the maximum permitted dose of alcohol in the blood is 0.5 ppm, and violation of this rule threatens to be blacklisted by the immigration service. Ticketless travel is also very strictly punished – it threatens you with a large fine, and controllers go by buses and trains regularly. In addition, you should not swear out loud, even in Russian – many Germans know Russian swear words. And jokes about the Third Reich also threaten you with serious problems with the law.


What to do in case of emergency?


If you are in any emergency, you can call 112 – a single number for all emergency services, including an ambulance. In case of loss of documents or any problems, you can call the Russian Embassy at the emergency number +49 (157) 366-55-231.


When is the best time to visit Germany?


Germany is suitable for holidays at any time of the year. In winter you can go skiing, in summer you can swim in the Baltic Sea. It rains a little in autumn and spring, but the weather is suitable for sightseeing, and in autumn you can also get to numerous festivals, including Oktoberfest. And on New Year’s Eve there are numerous Christmas markets and sales, so this is the perfect time for shopping.


What’s up with cell phones in Germany?


Cellular coverage in Germany is good, but communication is very expensive – just buying a SIM card will cost 10 euros. A call within the country will cost 0.09 € per minute, for calls to Russia there is a preferential tariff from Star Rossija for 0.01 euros. But in general, SIM cards are not cheap, so many people prefer to use Russian SIM cards in roaming mode.

Holidays in Germany