Giorgio Armani Willing to Sell His Empire

Information about the intention of Giorgio Armani to sell his empire has been contradicted by the designer himself, published shortly after. Apparently everything could be result of a misunderstanding, although, according to the observations of the Italian, the German daily would have informed wrong consciously.

According to Handelsblatt, a German financial newspaper, Giorgio Armani He is willing to sell his empire, and will do so to the highest bidder. A hit which is made public in the middle of Milan fashion week, where yesterday the designer, born in Piacenza 72 years ago, presented her latest collection of feminine ready-to-wear.

Armani began his career in the world of fashion as a window dresser at a department store in Milan. After nine years working for the Nino Cerruti, it became independent in 1970 at the hands of Sergio Galeotti, your professional partner. Five years later he launched his own menswear firm, Although it was his first collection for women which will yield the critical acclaim.

Since then the brand Giorgio Armani has grown with its founder. Deconstructing male costumes to suit the current needs of the woman. His designs elegant, feminine and clean cut, have exalted it as one of the best designers of the 20th century. According to Fashion Now, the “Armani look” has been the most influential in women’s fashion since Christian Dior launched its New Look in 1947.
Was also one of the designers that more party brought you to cinema as a form of advertising. Among his many works for Hollywood, are the fantastic costumes he wears Diane Keaton in “Annie Hall”, clothing that Richard Gere in “American Gigolo”, and costumes of the male protagonists of “The untouchables” highlights.

After years of dedication to your business, the largest contributor of the transalpine country has decided to put on sale the brand he has created. Composed of several lines: Giorgio Armani, luxury prêt-à-porter both women and men (of which we saw recently the last parade), masculine lines and feminine Armani Collezioni, Emporio Armani, more economical than these, and Armani Jeans for sport clothes. To these must be added Armani Prive, the line Fromhigh seam of the Italian whose last parade told us Colino, Armani Junior, for the younger members of the family, as well as the lines of accessories, sunglasses, jewelry, watches, makeup and cosmetics.

But not only fashionable lives the Creator who opened the fashion for exhibitions at museums, Giorgio Armani clothing also has a line of objects of decoration and clothing to home, Armani Casa, hotels and restaurants. All an empire valued at five billion euros.

A very tasty candy for any group that wants to buy it. At the moment, according to the German publication It would be the L´Oreal group, that is who Giorgio Armani has the franchise’s line of cosmetics and makeup, who is best placed to acquire firm italiana. A usual rumor, on the purchase of the Italian brand by the French group, which has been strongly denied by the designer.