Giorgio Armani Denies That He Will Sell His Empire

A few hours ago I spoke of the news published today in the country, in which the Spanish newspaper echoed from information published in a German Economic Journal. Handelsblatt spoke of an interview given by Giorgio Armani which, according to the German publication, the designer was looking for buyer for his empire valued at five billion euros. Today, the fashion company has issued a statement that categorically denies this information point-by-point.

According to the prestigious Italian brand has not granted any interview to German newspaper, but the conversation between the 72-year-old designer and journalist would have taken place in the development of a press conference. In addition, point out that only in ringtone jokingly Giorgio Armani said the sell your brand. Apparently, the German journalist who covered the press conference would have asked him about a possible purchase of the French group offer L´Oreal, which the Italian designer would have answered jokingly “De L’ Oréal? Because the highest bidder!”, then clarify emphatic, if those doubts, that it was not prepared to accept any offer to purchase.

In this statement, sent to media by the Armani Group to clarify the misunderstanding, insists that the non-designer to a possible sale of its Empire was categorical, reason why has surprised them, I imagine that not in Nice shape, it the news published in the German journal.

It is clear then, Giorgio Armani does not sell his empire. It will remain the most powerful and independent of the world of fashion designer.