Gewinnspiel: Come With Us To The “Audi Fashion Award” Hamburg – We Have 4 Cards For You!

We know fashion and automobile manufacturers give a very successful pair, for several years. Now including Audi on the flags penned ordentlichst under the arms to access the creative talent and loads in October to the “Audi fashion award” in the beautiful Hamburg.

This time are the North German fashion forges, more specifically the AMD, the HAW Hamburg and the fahmoda Hannover) in the series and have the great opportunity to present their creations in the Runwayshow of the jury, the public and Nike and me. Nike and me? We’re jap, actually in the jury, our heads already broke us in the pre-selection and the more pleased at the final show on October 11 to decide with who creams off a junior prize. In the categories of modern icons (accompanied by closed), sophisticated elegance (accompanied by Escada), flexible comfort (accompanied by Umasan) and dynamic performance (accompanied by Malajo) it is necessary to climb the highest podium to collect initial work experience in the supporting fashion labels and a small injection of funds to cash.

And what do you have it? We are giving away 2 x 2 tickets for the „ Audi fashion award “ in Hamburg and four of you’d like as little support. Desire and time?

Then we’d love huge, when you makes and trembles with the young artists, with us enters the Covenant of friendship on Facebook and just fix tell us why you may miss the Audi on the evening of 11 October, definitely not fashion award in Hamburg!

Is then called only: until October 9, 7: 00, fingers crossed!

Are also the jury part of: Modejournaliste Marcus air (GALA), fashion photographer Esther Haase, the Chief Designer Alice Pieper of the NYA Nordiska material sponsor firm and member of the Audi design team, Artemis Karousso.

We happy and can’t wait to see the already provided sketches in their completed implementation!

Please note: we are giving away invitations only – you should organize yourselves unfortunately even the directions.