G-Star Presents Its New Collection of Retro Modern

Now I analyze here same in Mensencia, which would be the new collection of G Star for this spring-summer 2009. As well, as you know, in the world of fashion is quite usual that a collection be receiving contributions throughout the year at the hands of the House, complementing the existing collection.

This is the case of the new collection Retro Modern that has just launched G-Star. As well it coined its name, it tries to combine the retro style, of the 60-70’s with new materials and modern designs that part not lost today. Jackets in leather, suede and synthetic materials that led to those that Danny Zuko (John Travolta) you remember in the film Grease. Quite opposite colours: white, with accents of red and black, but very rare colors or the opposite: completely black jackets with laminated finishes.

Fails to be a genuine “sucks” leather but that is what tries to: renew and reissue style College jackets of the time, using current materials and avant-garde designs.