First Snapshots of the Evening: Frontline Shop Fashion Show

Because we had to make today a short detour in the home, but not without a sign of life in the weekend want to send you, we have fished out fix a few snapshots from the depths of the Internet and the unfathomable depths of the Instagram landscape for you. What you can see: In principle only us. Normally keep us recaps of this kind of like a little in the background, but you whispered us yesterday, that it would be quite possible, that reader side is also interested in our own event driving, finally wanted know one Yes also more specific, who is so behind the whole here.

We try that with the Visual self Holy smoking now simply and on top of that a few others present you love people who us have sweeten the evening pretty very. For example cloudy, Kiki, Katha, Jessie, Leni, Sekhar, Teresa, Friedrike, Anna, Anna 2, Juliane, Kathrin, Kathrinsky, Lisa, Katja and McFitti. The scene: the Villa Mignon in Hamburg. Cause: The frontline shop fashion show. Conclusion: Thanks for ’ s invite the catwalk looks, beer drinking, and violent hours on the dance floor.

Anna and Anna.

A very attractive young man.

Little rascals.

Favorite pony Katha.

The boys.

Kiki and cloudy.

Cloudy, Kiki, Kathrin.

Hot chip dude.

Pretty nice fashion show ticket winners with pretty great surprises in store for us disposable camera for Nike, a pack of Capri Sun cherry flavor for Sarah. You are great, you!

A look that liked.

Benjamin, the live stream man. 2 m 4. Is so great that’s difficult for him, where as in other people of the back stop estimate.

The Instagrambilder were gathered from the above-mentioned Mademoiselles or even instagramt at nikejane, “sarah_jane”  and “our site”.