Fashion Week Berlin Our Site Pre-Fall Collection 2016 “Laid Back Luxury”

From zero to one hundred of the Hamburg-based online shop launched nearly two years ago at our focusing screen – and since then no longer imagined. A range that is felt in the week cycle grows, a few small labels that are strongly supported and not to mention brand under the direction of designer Clarissa Labin, which focuses wonderfully on the here and now and our wardrobe regularly for the narrow valley a few special pieces complements the label, the in-house. A pretty collection alone does not provide but of course long been the desired paragraph and ringing cash registers. Takes’s more. And at this point Franziska, Elena and her team turn, which give each store opening and each presentation so much passion, a weave every little detail with very much love the overall concept and make sure that the private label in the perfect light shines.

And so not only organized the two during fashion week any presentation in any premises, but invited to the relaxing barbecue in your own four walls – in the our store in Berlin: between pre-fall collection (selected by the way already online), kimchi-wraps and sorbet ice cream:

Was of course the focus „ laid back luxury “, the pre fall collection of the label. And the name is program: soft materials meet sporting items and so, knitted pieces marry naturally with sneakers, selected layering ensures the necessary portion of uncomplicated combination wonder and bright colors “POOM”.

Between the seasons, the best time is simple is still less to set, long with short to merge and completely free to try out. Here we go:


Note: the adidas Gazelle is back.

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