Fashion Week Berlin Combines The Best Part: In The Berlin Fashion Salon

It’s no secret that I biggest fan of Berlin fashion am salons. I wrote two hymns of praise since then and while I seemed convinced yesterday quite of it, that’s my third once fully meet expectations, I must admit today: wrong, they have been surpassed! I say that at this point not just to bauchpinseln the Organizer, I mean beer seriously. While Berlin actually fashion was pronounced dead since the beginning of fashion week, and some criticism is justified, also the year’s salon took care of a glowing bulbs: the German fashion is not so boring, a few of the craziest not stayed so far just simply in my orbit. At this point, I slap me so solid themselves and promise improvement. Because what yesterday, Salon has served us in the Berlin fashion, was really fantastic-nice:

Rianna + Nina provided the most beautiful color explosion, Odeeh was a German Gucci, fragment and horror vacui are undoubtedly the most beautiful discoveries, Escada has surprised himself and the prettiest earrings actually come from Mister Michael Sontag. Take very much time, because we have our Crème de la Crème for you in baggage:

Tim Labenda

The heart pride bursting us: Tim Labenda has the international Woolmark prize Europe regional final in the category won women’s fashion – and we are still huge excited! TIM, YOU HAVE THE SO DESERVES! Not only a prize money beckons, but Europe in the international competition finals even a mentoring program of a team of experts and Tim may represent in the January 2017 in Paris. We keep all fingers crossed!

Rianna + Nina

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Without further ADO common cause was made into a passion for high-quality silks, vintage materials and bright colours: Rianna + Nina. With its own shop on the street of the gate, the two started to refine pockets, and now the two have their sophisticated ready-to-wear collection in the luggage. “Truly special” wear favorite pieces that fit precisely in our time and the predicate. Recommended a look!



The most beautiful collection of recent fashion week? Odeeh < 3 we want to tell but not too much at this point, it follows that a separate tribute of show! We can get rid of but one: we are still completely excited.

Antonia Zander


Antonia Zanders was us, to be honest, no term so far at all. And I am so entirely become also still can’t figure what exactly behind the label really is: on the site is the talk of 100 percent cashmere, but have I not crush on me here in silk parts? I remain at a loss, keep the thing but exactly in mind.


No fashion week without: MALAIKARAISS! A detailed recap follows of course even today their ravishing show < 3 we are awfully proud of this talented heart!

Hien Le

Streifenprints, deep blue and one piece, which are even not one piece: A complete review of the show can be found here.

Dawid Tomaszewski

Dawid Tomaszewskis robes are made for red carpets. He reveals this season now, how about the floor-length creations in everyday life: with button and babouches. Can do!

IRIS van Arnim

Anyone who believes a family business would come after 35 years of company history easily trutschig and dusted at therefore, knows not to IRIS von Arnim. Timeless, muckelig, so soft and a bit behind.


Yikes, what happened here? You can see properly: it’s Escada. Across with the slightly in the years social image, made with fresh touch. With a little bit more courage and a bit more edge and corners we are fully on board. The silk scarf style top is likely already with bounce in the case.

Michael Sontag

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We have unfortunately missed the show Michael Sontag, for this we stick remained in the Berlin fashion salon just twice as long on his upcoming jewelry collection. She will be launched in March of next year – and is truly great!

Horror vacui

Horror vacui in art means as much as the need to have to fill empty spaces. A difficult name for a fashion label, but a brave at the same time. Focused on a single piece of clothing, one in the cut and deals namely with the horror vacui, the ongoing concerns of the people, to fill void – Anna Heinrichs in processing until Pajama perfected to the last detail, and conjures up all great creations that fit very well into the year 2016! Anyway, very much more, we want to hear from you, dear Anna!

PB 0110

Who likes pockets, must love PB0110 – this much is clear. For the summer of 2017, it will at last round, Taupe to baby blue, and even metallic. As always: Great love!

Annelie Schubert

After completion of the Bachelors in the field of fashion at the University of applied sciences in Hamburg, Annelie Schubert completed an internship as a design assistant at Haider Ackermann in Antwerp. 2014, she completed her master’s degree at Kunsthochschule Berlin Weissensee. This year, Annelie Schubert won the “Grand Prix you jury Première Vision” of the 30th edition of the International Festival of fashion and photography in Hyère. For us, it is long to fixed size in the Berlin fashion salon.



The label of Veronika and Kay Couture Fashion House describes himself as a woman and completely produced in Berlin. We have much more on the label with the beautiful pieces of lingerie and body far robes still not figured out – but we will change very soon. Promised!

Neri Firenze

A label that we are gestolptert in the Berlin fashion salon for the first time: Neri Firenze. The native German, Raphaela Hermes, lives with her son in Florence and has her own label has stomped out of the ground in 2005: heritage, timelessness and quality are their most important goal – since then and it seems to be working! Hand made in Italy.

William fan

William fan is without if and but the shooting star of the Berlin fashion week – and already for two seasons. While I once again a small little longer, needed to understand what’s happening click has made it yesterday. I wish good luck with your show’s heart tonight. The thumbs are down!

Dorothee Schumacher

Dorothee Schumacher sends us with their prints directly into space, and with their cuts equal to Italy, in female orbs, or on Safari. Really we don’t know that. What we do know very well: it’s most beautiful details, a self-confident woman and loved everyday looks. As always: Great!

Nobi Talai

Nobi Talai exactly one year ago for the first time in the Berlin fashion salon we noticed, showed her own show for the last fashion week and now belongs to the strong base of the Berlin team. Favorite creation: The above two-parter with elaborately-crafted top.

Marina Hall

Marina Hoermanseder has succeeded without ifs and buts. Standing ovations are there again: for their inimitable craft for their attention to detail and their continuous development. Right, it goes to the show

Vladimir Karaleev

By Vladimir Karaleev, there is only a small selection, which tonight show namely awaits with the major highlights of the collection at this point. ANTICIPATION!

Atelier oblique

Mario Lombardo, his character Creative Director and graphic designer, has gone into the candle business and provides serious competition with its porcelain copies. Recommended lesson!

Perret Schaad

Perret Schaad – or better known as: the label with the most beautiful color compositions. Again great!


After a successful debut at the last fashion show, Sarah Effenberger is back with her label Fomme. ‘Fomme is a man label, whose mode is aimed at both sexes’ – unisex in wonderful!

Augustin Teboul

Handmade par excellence: Augustin Teboul, the masters of the surreal – are unacceptable in everyday life, magic for very special occasions. Elaborate crochet, morbid glamour and detail obsession with asterisk.