Fashion Week Berlin Butterflies Thanks to Odeeh

As the invitation in my mailbox scrambled, it was clear, that this could be the best show of the fashion week – and Otto Drogsler and Jorg Ehrlich have not disappointed us: she took place In the construction of the Berlin City Palace between concrete walls, embroidering and barrier tape in one of the large, towering halls: the Odeeh perfection, which we here so much wished in Berlin – and around 40minütiger delays finally took place shortly before 10:00.

Odeeh is pure love, which is so big, that I get at the re Lake in the Berlin fashion really damp eyes Salon should, terribly excited about the materials stroke and was almost like petrified before the two creators to produce nothing but praise. I’m sitting still in front of the screen like a little kid and expert this Odeeh Wonderland, this estimate is between childhood dreams and grannies and a touch of Gucci attitude around the nose blows the always schicker and Berlin.

Otto Drogsler and Jorg Ehrlich this fine thread, this eclectic masterpiece, which we so schmerzlichst on the all too often missing much reduced Berlin fashion week serve

First since 2008. And we’re totally serious: this collection for us at the highest level reflects how Berlin fashion should actually look: dressed for one, again completely unsuited, sometimes opulent high quality without labeling on the chest, again tender and restrained, always different and hand in hand with snotty sneakers on.

Fashion week made a comeback was on the first day to point landing, which brings so much love to the fore, is so feminine and plays at the same time so intense with the different proportions. Italian silk meets German production, small quantities on lovers * inside – and we, we want even more out of this Misty crush.

The label name ODEEH, is an initial mix that originated from the name of the 1962 born Jorg Ehrlich and the five years older Otto Drogsler. While Otto takes care of the Visual obsession with detail and is the creative spirit of the duo, Jörg cares about the craft and the classic implementation.

The magic of the show comes here but unfortunately its limits: because here, too, we need actually three-dimensional images showing the 360° beauty at its most beautiful. The most important and most exciting details of an ODEEH can be found creation is usually on the back of individual pieces. Finally, creative head of Otto Drögsler has learned by none other than Karl Lagerfeld personally that is the rear view of a woman of incomparable aesthetics.