Fashion Week Berlin Above the Rooftops with Lala Berlin

Who is 16 years in the business, which can be a bit going thing, who knows what is good, that there is sense and what is really necessary after all the seasons are still the right portion and spices to ensure. Leyla Piedayesh of one this relaxed pros that is out of the question – and precisely invited them only a small circle in the private penthouse above the rooftops of Berlin, to Asterisk sweetheart with 200 of their closest friends, and the upcoming lala collection heart others on which she really had desire to stimulate and give them Berlin show. So let them by no means always worked, but the 46jährige has become quieter and seems to know what she wants and what she can become on the most accurate: an excellent hostess, which subtly incorporated her fashion is.

And so we found ourselves last night urromantisch evening at sunset on this rooftop, had to chat finally once again a lot of time, Chase snacks behind and to stroll through this unique location. Four collections are is now available in the House of lala Berlin and yesterday Leyla devoted the first highlights of the spring collection 2017 – or also: hypnotic nights.

Hypnotic Nights

We’ll know:

There is always a psychedelic-looking pattern : This time is the Leo-print patterns seem so right to please dress bright colors: bright red! Layering deluxe: A pinafore dress no longer military jackets without T-Shirt outside the door and West will work fine to the silk dress

Female elements stand in contrast to male components, such as example materials from the men’s fashion, facing delicate silk and elegant pleated.

No la show without the most beautiful: lalas “Frontrow”:

With Lea van Acken, Fritzi Haberlandt, Veronika Heilbrunner, Cathy Hummel, Aino Laberenz, Heike Makatsch, Julia Malik, Jesper Munk & LARY Poppins, Pheline Roggan, Shermine Sharivar, and Anita Tillmann:

LALA Berlin spring presentation 2017 in Berlin at the 28.06.2016

LALA Berlin spring presentation 2017 in Berlin at the 28.06.2016
Photo: brauerphotos / Neugebauer for LALA Berlin