Fashion on The Street: The Winter of The Thousand Layer with Coats (And Cold)

Goodbye to the “ good time ” winter. Enjoy the cold months more strangers in recent times ended. It started good. Good for some light, which are heat are not so happy so We have to put on warmer clothes with thousand layers and it shows in the fashion on the street that is covered to the fullest, with all the accessories and outerwear Necessary.

The closed year

The scarves circular, closed, known as panties, they are the star of this season when choosing complement to cold. Johanna K opt for a black model that combines with a simple Street style.

  • Wrap: Romwe.
  • Jeans: Bershka.
  • Bag: The Quiet Riot (very close to Celine clone)

Natalie Rajski Choose the point in addition to a suitable tricot Jersey.

  • Wrap: No Name.
  • Jersey: made by herself.

To the Hermes Birkin and the houndstooth Valentine Hello incorporates a bufada more than wool.

  • Wrap: Promod.
  • Scarf: GAP.
  • Bag: Hermes.

Warm coats

Winter days, snow days and days of temperatures that drop to the point of becoming Eskimos. Ann Constance It is covered in this way in Krakow.

A good day for gloves, fat and high boots covering like never before and if we get a original Cap and fun, as of Veronica Ferraro.

  • Boots: Moon Boot.
  • Parka: Pinko.

Most touching the city with feet and thinking in the working days You can opt for a style similar to the of Chloe Scheffé. Layers and more layers. Does not lack detail.

  • Dress: H & M.
  • Jersey: Forever 21.
  • Top: American Apparel.
  • Boots: Forever 21.
  • Backpack: Collina Strada.

With a modern twist, we are to Romy Den Dekker and his taste for Isabel Marant. A warm coat and boots that are not missed.

  • Pants and boots: Isabel Marant.
  • Scarf: H & M.

Pictures and design according to the season by Bethany Struble.

  • Wrap: Wish chic.
  • Shoes: Steve Madden.

The print Prince of Wales see the first image of the post, in pure British, by IRIS.

  • Coat and sweater: Zara.
  • Shoes: Nowhere.
  • Bag: VJ-Style (more Celine).
  • Hat: Comme des Garçons.

Traditional ideas for work or for any time of the week by Paula Jagodzinska.

  • Wrap: Queens Wardrobe.
  • Bag: Bagibagi.
  • Pants: Zara.

One idea more holidays and for more specific days, or backward, to the usual, if we like to go as well, is that proposed by Daniella Robins.

  • Wrap: Cheap Monday.
  • Top: COS.
  • Skirt: Reiss.
  • Boots: Urban Outfitters.

Billie Rose is that mix heat in hair wraps shorts jeans for the winter.

  • Shorts: Levi ’ s.
  • Blouse: H & M Trend.
  • Coat, scarf and moccasins: Zara.

The padded a lot and women are carried as Annemiek do not let pass the opportunity to.

I prefer a coat more fat and long, even with a detail of hair on the hood, although not very fan of it. I like that of Coury Combs.

  • Coat: Asos.
  • Shoes: Rachel Comey.
  • Jeans: Swaychic.
  • Jersey: Fancy Tree House.

Rachel-Marie Jones opts for a layer of the same style with a few successful buckles in the Middle.

  • Layer: Wish chic.
  • Dress: Love.
  • Sandals: TopShop.