Fabulous Looks of the Day and Promise a Tour of My Closet

Many of you have asked me to show my closet here and I promise that as soon as I move and it’s all spic-and-span, I will do a full tour in the new apartment, but for now, my clothes are literally crammed in a small closet in my parents house and is virtually impossible to show anything for you over there!

Meanwhile, we’re going to show you so lovely looks of the day and, this time, all the pieces are already known around here. I had to mount the entire look from the short, which is still one of the few pieces that fit. As the weather was helping, I put a long-sleeved white blouse chilled below and to elongate the silhouette and give even more force to production, and I tried a white waistcoat on top.

Despite being a little too obvious, I meant to combine accessories with short tones, and I ended up yielding to that wonderful Brazilian stones earring Cristalis I used with this necklace that I won as a treat for a store event.

As for the jump, I swear I’m avoiding as much as possible, but to leave the night you can’t give up that instrument of seduction so wonderful, isn’t it?! I usually joke by saying that the woman has two best friends: a nice high heels and a powerful bra! And I love to use and abuse the two!

I retracted the jump of the day to day work, but for now, the night it is still allowed.

And then girls …. What do you think of the look?
I want to know your opinions!