Elena Looked at during The Week of The Fashion of Milan Fall-Winter 2006 / 2007

Elena Miró is one of the signatures of Italian fashion with more tradition. Belonging to the Miroglio group, since the 1970s has designed clothing of large sizes, and from ago and a half presents its collections within the week of fashion in Milan.

Her first fashion show in the Milanese catwalk, in September 2005, caused much uproar and jokes in bad taste on the weight and measures of the models, while “special sizes” clothes move 30% of the market of women’s fashion, and that 35% of European women wears size 46 onwards. But things have changed in a short time, and the reign of the excessively thin tops has come to an end in the Italian city.

That thinness isn’t synonymous with beauty evidenced the models parading for Elena Miró. And fashion with the Italian firm shows that large sizes can be.

In their last parade designer Elena Miroglio returns to incorporate the latest trends to your creations. Leggings, skirts, jersyes oversize and tones fluorine in some apparel and clothing, such as gloves and shoes, make a difference in a sector, the large sizes, whose designs tend to be bland and reports, more centered to hide items that to highlight the beauty of the woman that carries them.

Sounds a cliché, but is clear that woman is not only directed this collection has no complexes, also likes the fashion and knows to get out. It is presumed and takes care of the details. The excuses are over, being not so thin as the top most famous models, and most of the actresses in Hollywood, does not mean having to give up go well dressed, with quality clothing and fashion.

Down the tracksuit and indescribable ensembles which disguised women from table stretcher. OK, leggings can be that they do not favor to everyone. Admit it: even are always well that are thin. But, Why not a sexy dress for going out for dinner with your partner? and an elegant well cut pantsuit with heels to go to work? Why renounce glamour weddings and parties?

Go well dressed is possible are what are your measurements. And incorporate basic as a pantsuit, a little black dress, a trench coat and a good coat to your wardrobe, the best way to get a good background of Cabinet for any woman. Starting there, launch and add trendy garments, as does other many designers and Elena Miró, is the choice of each.