Dominican Republic Military

Dominican Republic 1997

Dominican Republic is a country located in North America. According to AbbreviationFinder, DO is the two-letter ISO code of Dominican Republic, and DOM is the three-letter country abbreviation for Dominican Republic.

Yearbook 1997

Dominican Republic. A general strike in the Dominican Republic’s Northeast in July resulted in at least ten people being injured when security forces clashed with protesters, demanding better infrastructure in, among other things. electricity and water. In October, four people were killed in the capital as they demonstrated against the daily power outages. Some periods, the power could be gone for 20 of the day’s hours. The government signed contracts with German and French companies for the construction of new power plants.

Dominican Republic Military

At the beginning of March, Peru’s President Fujimori came to the Dominican Republic to inquire about the persons who occupied the Japanese embassy in Lima could be granted asylum in the country. According to Countryaah, the national day of Dominican Republic is February 27. The Dominican Republic attended the Central American Summit in Costa Rica in May, at which US President Bill Clinton also attended. The meeting discussed, among other things, the opportunity to give countries in the area freer trade relations with the United States.

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Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo, 1936–61 Ciudad Trujillo, capital of the Dominican Republic; 2. 6 million residents (2012). Santo Domingo, located on the southeast coast of the island of Hispaniola, is the country’s industrial, commercial and financial center. The city has a significant port and a varied industry, which includes the plastics, cement, textile and food industries as well as the metallurgical and petrochemical industry. In Santo Domingo there are also three universities and many cultural institutions. About 40 km east of Santo Domingo is the city’s international airport.

The city, thanks to its colonial architecture and planning, has been listed on UNESCO’s World Heritage list since 1990.

Santo Domingo was founded by Christofer Columbus’s brother Bartolomeo and is the oldest European founded city in the New World. Santo Domingo was largely destroyed by a hurricane in 1930 but soon rebuilt. The city has America’s oldest university, founded in 1538, and the alleged remains of Christopher Columbus.