Divine Inspiration: Street Style Looks What You Will Make Dream and Tea Will Give New Ideas

I love the street style: a divine inspiration that helps me many days I wear. Then I sometimes wake up lack of ideas, with sleeping inspiration or vacation. And then I start to remove clothing and clothes from my closet and the only thing that I can mess up the room. And arrive late for work. So today I show you some looks that caught my attention and, even if you don’t have or a garment that resembles the one shown, it is possible that help you mix clothing with combinations that had not occurred you.

For example: we all have a trench coat and use it (mostly) the days of rain. Why not become the garment star of your outfit? How? Using Basic garments as jeans and sweater in black and combining it with a belt. Ideal!

But if for every day you most like the jeans life We suggest another look: combine them with ankle boots, a smooth coat and maxi clutch and Wool Hat. What do you think? And curling more curl decorate your ears with large earrings.

The layers they are the garment more I love this time of the year. Warm, cool and Rory. I always I prefer one in Black, so that if you are one of those that also relies on this tonality opts to wear a bag on a color rose tone.

I must admit (and I am not ashamed of it) that I am that insists on sales until the last day: I love to dig all the donkey the bargain of the year. Between search and search yesterday I found this monkey in Zara Burgundy colour by less than €18, and seeing how combines it this girl makes me want to go back to the shop … the Air years ’ 60 giving you is total.

The pleated skirts they stick very, but very strong this spring/summer 2012. But if you have one from last year and want to give output and beam like it: combine it with motorbike jacket, Jersey Turtleneck & booties. What you think about the result?

And for those who worship the turbans and the ribbons in her hair, I leave you with this image: a total black look with Denim jacket… Does the protagonist? The sort of turban, of course & #8230;

You will take note for those days where the mind thick Queen in them?