Could You Live with Only 37 Items? There Is a Fashion Blogger If Can

When we see a wardrobe full of clothes, accessories and shoes almost all sigh by having one equal. I think that a large closet where to put all our stuff is a dream for many of us, but the reality is that we do not need both.

Caroline Rector, the Unfancy blog live on only 37 items per season. Caroline is a rare bird in the blogger world. Fashion bloggers usually urge us to consume and make us believe that the rest of the mortals can have the same brimming with clothes closet.

We have too much clothing and accessories that we can no longer and that invade our wardrobe. Each season should make cleaning and banish, or donate what we don’t use. Sometimes hard, but the blogger Caroline Dean shows us that You can have style and go to fashion with just 37 clothes for every season of the year. Caroline has a minimalist system that uses more than two years ago and that really gives much, saves time and money to devote to other “more important” things. Each season the blogger doesn’t buy 37 new clothes but divided them into three categories: clothes that already has and keeps for later, new purchases and which wants to continue it. Donate clothes that no longer wants to.

Your system consists of a capsule collection or a wardrobe capsule 37 items matching each other. Your blog shows us different outfits and explains his method in detail. Do you have 37 items be? No, each person must adapt the number of garments to your needs, but following the pattern of less is more. Think you save money, time thinking what Ponte, washing and ironing. Do you think about you?