Wedding in the Seychelles

Cities and Resorts in Seychelles


Characteristics of the island: the largest of the 115 Seychelles, 27 km long and 8 km wide. Granite origin, the terrain is mountainous, the highest point is Mount Seychelles Morne with a height of 907 meters. Lush tropical vegetation. 70 usually small white sand beaches lined with granite boulders. The capital is Victoria with a population of 3,500 people. International Airport. Recommended: car rental, visits to the National Marine Reserve and excursions to Praslin, La Digue and Bird Islands.

According to businesscarriers, Mahe Island is large enough not to feel out of touch with civilization, and exotic enough to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the tropics. Here you can find everything – from the longest and relatively lively beach of Beau Vallon to small coves where no one will disturb your privacy. In addition, the island of Mahe is an excellent starting point for starting many of the proposed excursions and trips to other islands of the archipelago.

If you have chosen Mahe Island for your holiday, you are provided with a wide range of excursions. You can take a tour of the island with a visit to the smallest capital in the world and the Seychelles Morne National Park. For swimming and snorkeling, you can take a trip to the Round or Cerf Islands, both of which are located in the St. Anne Marine National Park. In one day, you can see two, perhaps, the most famous places in the Seychelles – this is the May Valley on Pralais Island, where the famous Coco de Mer palm tree grows, and La Digue Island, whose fantastic landscapes are replicated by thousands of photo albums and advertising brochures. If you have enough time, dedicate a whole day to each island. Bird lovers will enjoy visiting Bird Island.


Island Feature: This second largest island has 11 km long and 4 km wide. It is also of granite origin, but not as mountainous as about. Mahe. It is famous for its long beaches with the softest white sand, natural groves of coconut palms and, most importantly, the only Coco de Mer palm grove in the world with huge erotic-shaped fruits on male and female plants. This National Reserve, reminiscent of a fabulous jungle, is of world importance and is called the “Garden of Eden”, by analogy with the legend of Adam and Eve. It is recommended to visit it in combination with a rest on the most beautiful wild beach of Praslin in the bay of Lazio. Possible: a trip to the island of La Digue, as well as cruises to small nearby islands, the only inhabitants of which are birds and giant tortoises. On about. Praslin with Fr. Mahe fly light aircraft “Air Seychelles” (almost every hour, 15 minutes on the way),

La Dig

La Digue – the fourth largest island in the archipelago (5 km long and 3 km wide) is located at a distance of 43 km from about. Mahe and 6.5 km from about. Praslin. It is surrounded by a coral reef and is known for its huge pink granite boulders, picturesquely scattered among lush tropical vegetation on the white sand of wild beaches. It is these places that are usually photographed for advertising leaflets of the Seychelles. The unhurried pace of local life, reminiscent of the colonial past of the Seychelles, is specially supported by the fact that bullock carts and bicycles are the main means of transportation on the island. On about. La Digue with Fr. Praslin schooner runs 7 times a day, 30 minutes on the way.

Wedding in the Seychelles

A marriage concluded in the Seychelles is recognized as valid and considered official in Russia and other countries of the world that have signed the Hague Convention (a marriage certificate is issued with mandatory apostille). To marry in the Seychelles, newlyweds must provide the following documents no later than three weeks before the wedding:

  • Copy of the first page of the passport
  • Copy of birth certificate
  • Copy of the internal Russian passport (first page and registration)
  • Copy of documents confirming that there are no obstacles to marriage (Copy of divorce certificate (if previously married), Copy of death certificate of previous spouse and copy of previous marriage certificate (if one of the newlyweds is widowed)
  • Copy of documents confirming the change of name or surname (if changed)
  • Consent to the marriage of the parents of the newlyweds (if the newlyweds are under 18 years old)

All documents must be translated into English and notarized (except for a passport) and sent to the Seychelles no later than three weeks before the wedding. The originals of all documents, notarized and copies translated into English, the newlyweds must have with them in the Seychelles.

The cost of organizing a marriage (with the issuance of a marriage certificate with an apostille) is 350 euros.

Marriages are registered on the islands of Mahe, Praslin, La Digue, as a rule, on the territory of hotels, from Monday to Friday from 14:00 to 17:00. Upon request and at an additional cost, it is possible to register a marriage on other islands. The ceremony is held in English or French, if at least one of the newlyweds does not speak these languages, you must additionally order the services of a Russian-speaking guide-interpreter (120 €). When registering a marriage on weekends and holidays, an additional fee of 120€ is charged.

After the marriage is registered, the marriage certificate is certified and translated into Russian by the Consul of the Russian Federation in the Seychelles. These formalities take about 7 days. If by the time the documents are ready, the newlyweds have already left the Seychelles, the marriage certificate is sent by courier to the specified address in Russia.

The cost of a wedding ceremony in a hotel is from 350 euros.

For newlyweds who have already married in Russia, it is possible to organize a wedding ceremony.

Wedding in the Seychelles