Christmas Poison Guide #1 Beautifier & Misdemeanors

You not thought we would you with the theme “Christmas” leave alone, or? For Christ’s sake, no, no. Hardly a matter is so subjective and thus difficult to implement: it loves the recipient #1 most, if we tinker for them, kneading, or build, would cited #2 questionable with the head shake when we conjure up a self painted image. Gift-giving is not child’s play: the expectations are high, time is too short and the number of recipients is continuously growing each year. Put on classic is never wrong, has but little surprise potential. Therefore, we devote ourselves in the coming weeks not only our personal wish lists, but also fine happy creators, that we would give others. And so we start today? With odds and ends, which perhaps never would afford the or the chosen one:

a scented candle by Diptyque, for example, a back scrubber brush, a natural face cream, a teapot or a tumbler made of marble. There you go: Beautifier and other odds and ends – in our Christmas poison Guide #1:

1 nail brush nature of House doctor

2 light rose day cream by Dr. Hauschka

3 tumbler made of marble

4 play type Cup with ABC letter print

5 Pebo vacuum coffee maker from Bodrum

6 bathrobe by Schiesser

7 scented candles by Diptyque

8 bath salts

9 House doctor back brush

10 teapot by Shelton

11 Løv organic Roiboos vanilla

12 Chanel Nail Polish „ pirate “

13 VonHey bracelets with heart

14 bright red Beanie by wood wood

  1. Maybe a collective gift? The acne Canada scarf in dark blue.

16 the most beautiful body oil: almond fig body oil from stop the water while using me.

17 slippers by Adelheid

  1. The classic: The eight hour cream from Elizabeth Arden – lip care.