Chloe Sevigny in the Menswear Department of Opening Ceremony

Chloe Sevigny, actress, muse and now stylist part-time, will soon fill many fashionistas feeling too often prejudiced in favor of ready-to-wear … Indeed, after designing a collection for Opening Ceremony, the very front -gardiste Miss Sevigny will soon design the menswear store of new York concept…

The collection “Chloë Sevigny for Opening Ceremony” (released in January this year) was a joyous time mode, recreating a stylistic influences where retro rock skirted some quotes, all supplemented with a healthy dose of derision and humor . Between leopard booties, baby dolls grunge azimuth and jackets, all was in the image of the actress: confusing, fresh and enticing.

Beyond the media buzz, the clothes were well received and the experience only accentuated the status of “Yankee talented touch all” of Miss Sevigny, so the blond girl would have repeated the experience if she could provide the writers’ strike, which has imposed three months of enforced rest to him as she was about to resume her role as wife to the heart of the couple polygamist of the American series “Big Love.”

However, Chloe Sevigny also states search for something completely different, and it is in this light that she decided to create a line for men, in collaboration with Opening Ceremony. The strike ended is parallel filming the third season of the series that will work on the menswear collection.

She admits that it has decided to accept – despite really wanting to do something for men – is the attractiveness of her friends pronounced for male parts. The actress is well and truly draw a line for gentlemen, but it will have a size of 36 panel flirting with the girl, so that New Yorkers can also enjoy!

It is hoped that Colette will make shopping on the other side of the Atlantic, to make us enjoy this new collection of blazers which already promises to pile in the spirit of the season …