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The Look Right: Visual Biker with Tailoring

It is important to use creativity to get out of the visual stereotypical, especially when it becomes a kind of uniform, and comes instantly in our mind when it is quoted. The look biker follows this path, it is difficult to imagine a rider classic without a jeans, a black t-shirt, beard and long hair in • Read More »

The Own Collection of Clothing of Lady Gaga!

I am a fan Lady Gaga. Yes, I admit, I love that someone has so much personality and defend his swashbuckling style. But his way of dressing, as much as I like his character, do not share it. And from there to launch an own collection clothes there is a long way. Very large. Mileage I would say. But yes, • Read More »

Rachel Zoe Will Create a Clothing Line

It seems that Rachel Zoe It’s not enough to make fairy godmother of their friendly celebrities and now not only wants to train them in the art of dressing to his image and likeness, but directly, make them clothes. And is that if this Hollywood guru is characterized by some of the easy trend It is to be more • Read More »

Giorgio Armani Milan Fashion Week

For the Italian city, did not pass unnoticed to proposals for one of the most representative of this runway designers, Giorgio Armani. The genius of design opts for dresses made entirely with glass of Swarovski, balloon skirts and classic suits, typical of Armani. All accompanied by ecological leathers and flat shoes as fashion accessories, this • Read More »

D & G in The Week of The Fashion of Milan Autumn/Winter 2007/08

More than one collection of Autumn/winter, prom. Of Wild Party. This is how they see Dolce & Gabbana women from their second line for next year. D & G It has done, in Milan, a proposal that has alternated the dresses, both long and short, of chiffon stamped with Leopard skin and the costumes of • Read More »

The Perfect Look in France

We have a new challenge today in Jezebel: Show items from a Cabinet made in Paris. And you will ask you dear readers, why a French-style wardrobe? They say that French women are which better dress in the world (although there are always different opinions in this regard). Whether we like it more or less the • Read More »

Giorgio Armani Denies That He Will Sell His Empire

A few hours ago I spoke of the news published today in the country, in which the Spanish newspaper echoed from information published in a German Economic Journal. Handelsblatt spoke of an interview given by Giorgio Armani which, according to the German publication, the designer was looking for buyer for his empire valued at five • Read More »

To Wear Different Styles with Same Garment in Some Ways

We must learn to take advantage of our garments, and the best way is buying combinable garments, that we can look with several different outfits. So, if you repeat garment, it is not noticed, give a different air, and also proves to have style to make various combinations with the same jersey, pants, or whatever.

Devota & Lomba Designed a Mobile Phone

It seems that this design custom mobile phones is fashionable. And is that the mobile platform Orange It has announced the launch of the new terminal exclusively Samsung E420, customized by the designer Devota and Lomba. It is a mobile phone designed for the female audience with innovative and different design.

Some Best Looks of Streetstyle in Spring

The fashion weeks always pose a concentration record stylish people worthy of seekers of photos of street style shoot your cameras. But people with style and interesting outfits remain the rest of the year. So the time comes to review some of the 10 best looks of street style that is giving us this spring.

The Winter Styles of Meeste, Blake Lively and Taylor Momsen

The protagonists of Gossip Girl are the channels with more style to combat the cold, and it is that low temperatures and hours passed outside to shoot outdoors, are not impediment to set aside the unmistakable accent trendy series. Blake Lively, Taylor Momsen y Leighton Meester, each online, offer us three different versions of what is a good look for winter.

Learn to Give Color to the Winter from Blair Waldorf:

Mix textures, colors and put many more layers of clothing and fashion accessories kilos better. That the main style trick to get be Blair Waldorf. Although there is an essential item that needs to be done as a basic wardrobe, that is the tweed suit or wraps of great pictures. To be able to be in a striking • Read More »

Antonio Alvarado in The Cibeles Catwalk Fall-Winter 2007-2008

Under the title archetypes, Antonio Alvarado bet by simple lines, inspired by of Lolitas women sado. Also works the volumes on shirts, jackets and skirts, but at the same time we have seen very tight, especially at the waist with rubber bands and gathers dresses and skirts. It used the short, combined with jackets and • Read More »

The Outfits from Victoria Beckham

Can not believe you, but the more pija between the lags, the more fashion victim among the fashion victim, the great consuming of all stripes coming out, she, the posh Victoria Beckham, also repeats clothing model. On this occasion a Balenciaga black jacket with pants of colorful biker type.

Hood by Air, a Way of Life

Hood by Air According to the brand’s own designers, it is a way of life. For them the clothes is not only something essential to live, to cover the skin and protect us from the weather, but is also a reflection of our personality and charisma all of us.

The Arrival of Firms Expected to Spain

Jezebel news it comes with the arrival of firms expected to Spain, the international expansion of others, the own brand of Rihanna and Cavalli against Michael Kors:

Street Style to Celebrate the Spring

Yesterday was the first day of spring and we celebrate it with good weather and eager to enjoy the outdoors. Temperatures rise and He begins to crave fill our outfits of color and prints of the season. What better way to get our botanical side with the arrival of the florida season? Daisies, roses, tulips, and • Read More »

DIY the Decorated Jeans

The catwalks we fall in love with her looks but also serve as inspiration. This Spring 2015, What triumphs among designers is denim, above all, everything that has to do with the jeans decorated, embellished and transformed, What can give us thousand and one ideas for DIY. Or but we want to do it ourselves, we can find • Read More »

Learn How to Dress with Different Colours from B-loggers

You know the b-loggers. A same 20 b-logger teaches us how to dress at the 20, 30 and 40 years and others teach us with much discretion what to buy before the recess for what they need one stylist? In this time of Garish colors and much cake one would recommend that these colors were options • Read More »

Boudicca in The Paris Couture

The designers of Boudicca, Zowie Broach and Brian Kirkby, they are in luck. The Chambre syndicale of haute couture has thought of them as guest in the next week of Haute Couture Designer, to take place from 22 to 25 of the month of January in Paris. They have said to feel deeply honored to • Read More »