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References Looks Masculine Stylish for the New Year’s Eve

When we got close to the new year many people start thinking about what will be your costume to enter the new year, some choose by the “total white”, a tradition here in Brazil, others are not so nigh to this type of visual or afraid of being confused with a doctor, after all, is • Read More »

4 Suggestions for Outfits with Shorts Color Shirt and Denim

A curious thing that happened with the popularization of the bermuda color this summer was that the jeans ended up finding more space in the top part of the look, after all its neutral character allows for a perfect balance between the parts, a great option for those who want to wear something colorful, but • Read More »

The Look Right: Visual Biker with Tailoring

It is important to use creativity to get out of the visual stereotypical, especially when it becomes a kind of uniform, and comes instantly in our mind when it is quoted. The look biker follows this path, it is difficult to imagine a rider classic without a jeans, a black t-shirt, beard and long hair in • Read More »

10 Care to Not Be “Overdressed”

In a general way, the English term “overdressed” indicates a person that wears too much, which does not always mean that she is evil one day, just sporting inappropriate clothing for the occasion. On the other hand, the exaggeration is an element that invariably leads to visual misleading, and may arise from the concern to impress • Read More »

Trench Coat: The Masterpiece of Thomas Burberry

In 1901, Thomas Burberry, founder of Burberry , and inventor of the gabardine, presented to the army of the United Kingdom model of the cover for the official creation that used the fabric in beige color by English which, among other things, it was lightweight, sturdy and waterproof. With its usefulness is recognized, the coat became an optional item between • Read More »

Where to Buy Bermuda Men’s Stamped for Summer 2017

It is impossible to go through the summer without investing in, at least, a new bermuda of the new collections that fill the shops, after all, we are in Brazil and the workpiece is essential for hot days and relaxing moments. If you already have the basic models smooth below are our suggestions of bermuda • Read More »

The Luxury Market Is Not the Market of the Quality

It’s complicated man talking about fashion. Today, the Economic Value published the article “The fetish for shoes is gaining its space in the male universe”. This story, “comfort, durability, and quality” are the basic requirements for the men. Then, the speech of the footwear brands that are supposed to represent the pinnacle of men’s shoes. Some of the • Read More »

Menswear Essential for the Summer

The summer is already knocking the door, in Brazil long before the arrival of the station we are already experiencing high temperatures, so pay attention to the clothes fundamental to face any occasion even under a heat senegalese. T-Shirts Basic The summer asks for light clothes, and the one that most quickly comes to mind • Read More »

8 Suggestions for Outfits Male Influence in the Military

About a month ago we published an article talking about clothes that began as part of the uniform of the army, and they ended up migrating to the wardrobe civil, also gave tips of how to incorporate these pieces and use them in day-to-day, now came time to assemble our own suggestions for look masculine military influences • Read More »


How can he started the month of March? Incredible but true! February has already ended, and with this we start again our purposes for good start the month of March…

The Best Looks with This Jacket as a Protagonis

In the middle of December We can already say that the winter is here. It is time to put on warmer clothes without losing the glamour and as such we show you the best shelters in print-animal What’s on the market. Why? Maybe if you can combine it is a great piece to your outfit. But watch out! The • Read More »

Another Look of Olivia Palermo

A few days ago we saw the first look of Olivia Palermo with an elegant dress of Mango, and today he delights us with another stylish look. And it is that since we know that the model will be image of Mango, It seems that it has opted to wear outfits of the Catalan company.

The Perfect Male Look of Sienna Miller

I love it when women play with male clothing and give it a twist. They add a feminine touch and convert them into something very casual or elegant, depending on what us rent-a-car a shirt of pictures or a tuxedo. The point is that playing with androgyny of many garments always gives good results.

Learn to Give Color to the Winter from Blair Waldorf:

Mix textures, colors and put many more layers of clothing and fashion accessories kilos better. That the main style trick to get be Blair Waldorf. Although there is an essential item that needs to be done as a basic wardrobe, that is the tweed suit or wraps of great pictures. To be able to be in a striking • Read More »

The Outfits from Victoria Beckham

Can not believe you, but the more pija between the lags, the more fashion victim among the fashion victim, the great consuming of all stripes coming out, she, the posh Victoria Beckham, also repeats clothing model. On this occasion a Balenciaga black jacket with pants of colorful biker type.

Hood by Air, a Way of Life

Hood by Air According to the brand’s own designers, it is a way of life. For them the clothes is not only something essential to live, to cover the skin and protect us from the weather, but is also a reflection of our personality and charisma all of us.

The Arrival of Firms Expected to Spain

Jezebel news it comes with the arrival of firms expected to Spain, the international expansion of others, the own brand of Rihanna and Cavalli against Michael Kors:

The Retro Fashion, Embroider on Shirts

There are certain things that a common person should throw back as Dracula garlic. One of them stands in embroidered on the chest of the shirt. If knowing a person see carrying the two little rigor letters tattooed to fire on clothes, escape. Let us flee as if take them tattooed literally.

Victorio & Lucchino at Pasarela Cibeles Fall-Winter 2007 / 2008

Another season the duo Victorio & Lucchino surprises us again with a Grand Parade. What parts, which designs, patterns, as if Couture they were. Full to the brim and rhythm of Cocoroise and Anthony & The Johnsons, began a parade at Black’s look rocker with tailored jackets on which rest XXL wide belts, very tight, • Read More »

DIY the Decorated Jeans

The catwalks we fall in love with her looks but also serve as inspiration. This Spring 2015, What triumphs among designers is denim, above all, everything that has to do with the jeans decorated, embellished and transformed, What can give us thousand and one ideas for DIY. Or but we want to do it ourselves, we can find • Read More »