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Marina Hall S / S 17 – Butterfly Children.

In contrast to Sarah I Marina Hoermanseder have so far treated as a stepchild, too much their visions differed from my personal taste, I was too dazzled by the opulence of her dresses in a Berlin that indulges in above all portability. Shame I should be me. And I say this from the bottom of • Read More »

HTC Petra Smartwatch

HTC could enjoy the MWC to present Petra, his first shows connected which would be compatible with the two major BONES of the market. The rumors are growing around the release of a connected watch designed by HTC. And it could take place at the MWC in Barcelona, which will be held early March. According to Upleaks, the smartwatch • Read More »

Children’s Footwear Trends

A few days ago we talked about the first steps of our children giving you the main indications on the purchase of the first shoes, but especially useful tips on what to do during this wonderful stage that makes our puppies safer but also more independent from mom and dad.

Smartwatch Samsung Gear Fit 2

Fitness Tracker sell excellently. Only two of twelve bracelets in the test of Stiftung Warentest are good. The Samsung Gear Fit cut off with “satisfactory” (2.7). Now details about the successor to Samsung Gear Fit 2 be known. Whether the new Fit 2 can defeat your weaker self and a active and healthy lifestyle brings the carrier to be • Read More »

Smartwatch for Kids

They are, of course, super cool, and all the children seem to have just been waiting for this invention!A SmartWatch fits perfectly into the lives of today’s children. Depending on the model, they can even replace a smartphone or a camera. They are the first fitness bracelets Kleine, deRham small games and-last but not least-Report to parents • Read More »

How to Choose a Backpack

Many children suffer from back pain because of heavy bags and poorly fitted. Here is everything you need to know before buying the famous backpack and go to school. According to the Commission scolaire de Montreal, more and more children complain of back pain, shoulder pain, muscle pain, numbness, poor posture, poor balance and falls due • Read More »

Types of School Backpacks

School Backpack The school backpack is the most common, which is why it is so difficult to choose. The standard size of the bag is rectangular, with a zipper and a front pocket. However, brands have been innovating and proposing backpacks original and increasingly different: tie closure, multiple pockets, pocket computer, leather design …). Choose a bag School Backpack depend on several criteria: • Read More »