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Goodbye to One of The Big in The Fashion World: Louise Wilson

Here half an hour have the interview Louise Wilson. Do not arrive late since she hates tardiness. That was my first touchdown that was the Director of the master in fashion design from the prestigious St.Martins school London since 1992 (as well as Creative Director of DKNY for 3 years), Louise Wilson, in a trip • Read More »

Colorful Leggings with Patterns

In recent seasons, the grounds have made their comeback: flowers, Aztec, graphic… everything is good. But what about leggings with patterns? Can you wear patterns when one is round? Is that what all patterns are good to wear or do some might do cheesy? Ma-large-size answer all questions you ask yourself definitely.

Plus Size Dress Outfits

To have style, I often repeat, it is to play with contrasts , of clashing genres while remaining in the proportions of your figure. You understood, if you put the wide top and a run down, it does not work! After stating the different basic pieces of your wardrobe, the time has now come to know associate with • Read More »