Bvlgari Celebrated Their 130th Anniversary with The Reopening of Its Historic Shop in Via Condotti

Via Condotti was the place where 130 years the Italian luxury brand Bvlgari He took his first steps, for this reason, the reopening that out its first store had a highly emotional meaning for the firm, and the celebration was insured. Faces known as the Ambassador of Bvlgari, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, the actor Adrien Brody or the Spanish model Jon Kortajarena decided not to miss this lavish event.

On the occasion of their 130th anniversary Bvlgari not only reopened his iconic store in the commercial Italian Street, if not that also decided to donate one million and a half euros to the city of Rome to carry out the restoration of the stairs of the Piazza di Spagna.

On the other hand, following the opening – ribbon cutting included – all the guests at the event were able to enjoy a spectacular exhibition of unique creations designed especially for the occasion, which included 10 pieces from the personal collection the Baroness Thysen Bornemisza, who was also present at the celebration.

All these parts, except the Baroness Thyssen, were created, designed and carried out last year on the occasion of this special occasion, celebration and commemoration of an unmatched legacy.

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