Burlington County, New Jersey Weather

According to ezhoushan.net, Burlington County is located in the southern region of New Jersey and is home to a population of approximately 448,734 people. Burlington County is known for its rich history, with many sites being associated with the Revolutionary War and colonial times. The county seat is Mount Holly, which has been a major center of commerce since the 18th century. The county also includes numerous historic sites such as the Burlington County Prison Museum, Smithville Mansion, and Sykesville Mansion.

The county’s attractions include outdoor activities such as hiking trails at Rancocas State Park and boating at Lake Assunpink. There are also several historical sites including Smithville Mansion and Newbolds Tavern. Other popular attractions include the Adventure Aquarium in Camden and the Pine Barrens Discovery Center in Chatsworth.

Burlington County has been home to a number of famous people throughout its history including Revolutionary War hero General George Washington who was born in nearby Westmoreland County; abolitionist Harriet Tubman who lived in Mount Holly; poet Walt Whitman who was born in nearby Camden; and actress Meryl Streep who attended high school in Bernardsville.

With its rich history, outdoor activities, cultural attractions, and famous people Burlington County is an exciting place to visit or live.

Climate and weather in Burlington County, New Jersey

According to anycountyprivateschools.com, Burlington County is located in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States and experiences a humid subtropical climate. The weather in Burlington County is characterized by hot, humid summers and cold, wet winters. Average summer temperatures range from the mid-70s to mid-80s Fahrenheit with occasional heat waves that can reach the mid-90s. The winter months are much colder with temperatures ranging from the high 20s to low 40s Fahrenheit. Snowfall averages around 24 inches per year in Burlington County, accompanied by several days of snow showers throughout the season.

The spring season is generally mild with temperatures ranging from the high 40s to low 70s Fahrenheit. Springtime brings warm days and cool nights with occasional rain showers throughout April and May. The fall months are also mild with temperatures usually falling between 50°F and 70°F during September through November.

Burlington County experiences an average of 47 inches of rainfall each year, spread out over an average of 131 days per year. Rainfall is most frequent during April and May when thunderstorms are common in the area. During the summer months, Burlington County experiences frequent thunderstorms that often bring heavy rain and strong winds along with them.

Burlington County has a temperate climate with warm summers, cold winters, mild spring and fall seasons, and frequent precipitation throughout all four seasons.

Transportation in Burlington County, New Jersey

Burlington County, New Jersey has a variety of transportation options for residents and visitors to get around the area. The county is served by an extensive network of highways, public transit systems, and airports.

Highways: Burlington County is served by several major highways including Interstates 95, 295, and 676. These highways provide convenient access to Philadelphia and other major cities in the region. In addition to these interstates, Burlington County is also accessible via US Routes 130, 206, 322, and NJ Turnpike 57.

Public Transit: Burlington County has an extensive public transit system that includes buses operated by the New Jersey Transit Corporation (NJT). The NJT buses run throughout the county on a daily basis and provide access to nearby cities such as Philadelphia and Trenton. In addition to the bus system, there are also two light rail lines that run through the county; one from Trenton to Camden along the Delaware River waterfront and another from Camden to Lindenwold along the White Horse Pike corridor.

Airports: Burlington County is served by two major airports; Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) located just across the Delaware River in Pennsylvania and Atlantic City International Airport (ACY) located approximately 40 miles away in Atlantic City. Both airports offer domestic flights as well as international flights for travelers looking to fly into or out of Burlington County.

Burlington County is well-connected with a variety of transportation options for residents and visitors alike. Whether you’re looking for a quick trip into town or an international flight out of PHL or ACY you’ll find what you need in this vibrant region of New Jersey.

Cities and towns in Burlington County, New Jersey

According to countryaah.com, Burlington County, New Jersey is home to a variety of cities and towns, each with its own unique character and charm. The county is divided up into four distinct regions; the Delaware Valley, the Pinelands, the Shore Region, and the Central Region.

The Delaware Valley includes the cities of Burlington City, Bordentown City, and Florence Township. Burlington City is the county seat of Burlington County and has a population of over 9,000 people. It is located on the banks of the Delaware River and is home to many historical sites such as Burlington County Prison Museum and Olde Burleigh Historic District. Bordentown City sits just south of Burlington City on the banks of Crosswicks Creek and has a population of over 8,000 people. It was once an important port city during colonial times but now serves as a charming residential community with many small businesses. Florence Township sits along both sides of US Route 130 in central Burlington County with a population of nearly 10,000 people.

The Pinelands region includes towns such as Mount Holly Township, Medford Lakes Borough, Pemberton Borough, Lumberton Township, Eastampton Township, Westampton Township, Southampton Township and more. Mount Holly Township is located in northern Burlington County along US Route 206 with a population over 9500 people. It’s known for its quaint downtown area filled with shops and restaurants as well as its historic homes from colonial times. Medford Lakes Borough is located in southern Burlington County along US Route 70 with a population just under 4500 people. This small town offers plenty to do from fishing in one of its many lakes to exploring its numerous parks or visiting one of its many historic sites like Smithville Mansion or Batsto Village.

The Shore Region includes towns such as Barnegat Light Borough, Long Beach Island Boroughs (Ship Bottom & Surf City), Beach Haven Boroughs (North Beach Haven & South Beach Haven), Little Egg Harbor Townships (Tuckerton & Eagleswood Townships) Barnegat Township & Stafford Township). Barnegat Light Borough sits at the northern tip of Long Beach Island off US Route 72 on Barnegat Bay with a population just under 1 thousand people.This small beach town offers plenty to do from fishing off their pier to exploring one-of-a-kind shops that line their streets or taking part in one of their annual festivals like Lobsterfest or Oysterfest held each summer season. Long Beach Island Boroughs are composed two separate boroughs; Ship Bottom & Surf City which are connected by an 18 mile long beach barrier island off US Route 72 between Manahawkin Bay and Barnegat Bay.Beach Haven Boroughs consists two separate boroughs; North Beach Haven & South Beach Haven which are connected by Long beach Boulevard between Manahawkin Bay & Little Egg Harbor.Little Egg Harbor Townships consists two separate townships; Tuckerton & Eagleswood which are connected by US Route 9 between Manahawkin Bay & Great Bay.Barnegat Township is located inland along US Route 9 between Forked River Creek & Cedar Creek while Stafford Township situated inland east Manahawkin Creek near Manahawkin Lake.

Burlington County offers plenty for residents and visitors alike from historic sites, quaint downtown areas, fishing spots, parks, beaches, festivals, shopping districts etc making it an ideal place for anyone looking for an enjoyable experience no matter what they’re looking for.