Bookmarked: Voodoo Market & Torstraben Festival on Saturday in Berlin

On Saturday we will dance here right in Berlin at two weddings: the Voodoo market opens its doors once again and served us up to new collections and fine vintage selection of around 60 Kreativlingen handmade magic pieces of jewelry. Israeli delicacies waiting lounge, in the Voodoo during the ladies Minkies pin gravel, a nail artist duo from London, armed with model own your finger nails turn into small works of art. Also Etsy as usual with is part of the game and comes accompanied by their photo booths where you can let shoot you with exceptional accessories like magic at your best – how this works exactly, you learn Skalitzer Straße 86 in Kreuzberg on Saturday on the Voodoo market.

But still a different event attracts us Saturday out of the House: the 2nd Torstraben Festival in Berlin-Mitte. Approximately two kilometres, you’ll find as much live music as nowhere else in the city from 14 to 22 pm. Who among others organise the great Dena, which Orson, hush hush, Miss Kenichi, Wyn Davies, Berlin pub choir or Jack Beauregard want to see live, should quickly have a pre-sale ticket or past spin spontaneously.

Open for you have not only the fixed locations to the favorite restaurant of W. Prassnik, the green room, the coffee Burger, the chocolate, the St. Oberholz, white trash Fast Food or the Z-bar, but also the Torstraßen beloved stores and galleries.
Meanwhile, we hope to most beautiful weather and many Janes & Johns. We see us.

Supporting people should of course not go unmentioned: our favorite boys and party troop No 1 with pleasure, the most famous magazine shop in Berlin do You Read Me?, the most beautiful and free magazine Mitteschon, the recommended lunch Mecca Noodeli as well as the exberliner, flux fm, fritz kola, intro, kaiku studios and SPEX.

So don’t forget.