Between Burberry and Agyness Is Finished

Supermodel, singer and now actress Agyness Deyn Is in the process of burning the wings face the media overexposure? This is what seems to think the photographer Mario Testino, who has refused to engage in the latest Burberry campaign…

The news was confirmed: we will not see miss Deyn wearing the colors of the tartan plus side in the world. Indeed, if there is still some time comparing one to Twiggy or Linda Evangelista was at the height of its glory, a curious bell just rang in his young life.

Between its presence on the podium, his collaboration with New Look and its dominance in the ranking “Best Dressed” of Tatler, the name of the young Englishwoman not a month goes by without appearing in the press. And if his vitality, his mischievous smile, her androgynous silhouette blondie and freshness made a time its rarity, it seems that the superactivity Miss Deyn is staggering to some.

It must be said Go to AG Y it SS tends to cannibalize the landscape regardless of the country of which she is the face, the British creeper directs attention, leaving in the shadow claw for which she works. Too charismatic, too present? In the world of modeling, it is not good to be more than an image, and that Mario Testino (in charge of shooting the Burberry advertising) just did understand the whole fashion world. Indeed, under the pretext that the fine is too famous, he did not hesitate to squeeze the most fashionable model of the moment. This is at least what is rumored, because, according to the photographer, only the desire to tell a different story from previous seasons has motivated the change of muse.

However, the materiality of Agyness holds more remote modeling career, where to stay, best not too muddy the (Kate Moss being the exception that proves the rule). However, this seems not really disturb Miss Deyn, who has just released a single and currently trying to cinema. Besides, Agyness much has the profile of a Chloë Sevigny as a prisoner of its top image.

We wish him good luck, certain that the beautiful is far from having said its last word. As for her replacement at Burberry, it is rumored that it will be a model for Victoria’s Secret Rosie Huntington-Whiteley…