Berlin Fashion Week Backstage Beauty Interview With Makeup Artist Loni Baur & Designer Dawid Tomaszewski

Ade fashion week Berlin – since Saturday we lick your wounds. The souvenirs that you use the left fashion girls and boys of this season, begin to disappear. Circles out and take back healthy complexion, heal blisters on your heels and we treat a week make up freely our stressed-out skin. We have Yes not unlike wanted.

And what have I been up to there? In beauty-aunts fashion I grabbed designer Dawid Tomaszewski behind the scenes of the wonderful German-Russian before his show for a few statements far its fashion. In addition, Loni Baur, who look for Catrice for Tomaszewski show created and as one of the best in the business is the beauty for a beauty interview gave me. While she gave me personal tips and tricks and must-haves, beauty secrets and Zukunftsgeschminke.


Scalamari Jane: what inspired you for the look of your creations – how did the makeup to clothing?

Dawid Tomaszewski: Loni had seen a few drawings in advance and then built a weird mood Board – after the first brainstorming we agreed immediately: the hair is held back and the focus is on the face and the beautiful cheekbones and eyes. The lower part of the eye is very stressed. Makeup should be easy, classic and still very modern. It should be implemented on the road later. We have the shoes for the runway by kazar incidentally also equal to their own makeup missed.

Scalamari Jane: last year there were braided hairstyles – you’re known for elaborate Steckfristuren – what is the main attraction this year in terms of hair?

Dawid Tomaszewski: this year they are very clean but very expensive. We worked printer for example with hair accessories from the 3D, which have been incorporated into the hairstyles. Very good graphics. The idea of signature prints is reflected in the hair.

Scalamari Jane: Dawid is known for its visuals and exceptional structures in his creations. How much influence it had on the makeup and hair?

Loni Baur: A great influence. For example, when the hair: graphic forms, which are both very futuristic, clean and classic. The make-up, it was more like that we wanted to show a woman as a contrast to the structures and the prints, which although both strongly is also very mysterious and feminine. Modern Glam with emphasis on the eyes.

Scalamari Jane: there were difficulties in developing the looks?

Loni: no, David and I had directly a very narrow wire. We both love beautiful, strong, classic women – and were thus directly on the same wavelength.

Scalamari Jane: what products make up the look?

Loni: black and gray Kajalstifte, some concealer and a taupe tone for inserting the cheeks.

Scalamari Jane: we don’t talk about makeup in General. You like as a professional, you tell us your three personal beauty must haves?

1 Beautyfying lip smoother by Catrice,
2 Eyelash curler by Shu Uemura,
3 Le volume de Chanel mascara

Scalamari Jane: what is the makeup trend for next season? There is a highlight?

Loni: lots of eyeliner and coloured lips!

Scalamari Jane: there is something no longer goes?

Loni: it’s actually about – but it must be done well.

Scalamari Jane: and honestly: what do you personally see?

Loni: too bright and dead painted nude lips with too much product.

Scalamari Jane: Berlin has an own makeup style, an own look?

Loni: in Berlin, the look is very fresh and cool, the makeup is never worked to perfection – makes it so believable many women.

Scalamari Jane: you’re a beauty trick for us?

Loni: even if you want to emphasize your eyes only slightly: a pencil in the color of your eyes on the waterline, intensify your look. He needs to be but to something metallic – so metallic Brown, blue or green.

Scalamari Jane: you have a personal favorite look?

Loni: bleached eyebrows on a blonde girl with bright red lips.

Scalamari Jane: there’s someone on your to makeover list, the you really likes „ edit “?

Loni: Kate Moss

Scalamari Jane: where is the best beauty shopping?

Loni: Gallery Lafayette in Paris

Quickies – summer 2014

Eyes or mouth?

Matt or gloss?
Both are – but not to extreme

Pink or red?

Powder or Make-Up?
Mineral powder

Slots or neon?
Nude neon

Clean or offensive?
All his time

Thank you love Loni and dear Dawid.

All images Martin Krahn love thanks also for the great backstage.
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