Belgium Travel Guide

Belgium is a diverse country that can score points in many ways. Take a long stroll on the beach on the North Sea coast, work off your energy on hikes in the nature of Flanders , learn more about the country while strolling through medieval villages and explore the multifaceted cities. Immerse yourself in the culture and history and taste Belgium’s delicacies. Heavenly chocolate, the freshest waffles and the best French fries – all of this awaits you on your next vacation in Belgium . I have selected the most popular and beautiful travel destinations in the country for you.

Interesting facts about Belgium

With an area of ​​30,500 km², Belgium is one of the smaller countries in Europe and yet has a lot to offer in terms of both landscape and culture. The federal state is divided into three regions: Flanders in the north, with Dutch as the main language, Wallonia in the south, where French is mainly spoken, and the capital region of Brussels , which is one of the few capitals in the world to have two official languages, French and Dutch. Belgium is one of the Benelux countries and borders the Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg and France. The country impresses with its 65 kilometers long North Sea coast, but also with picturesque, hilly landscapes. But the bigger cities like Brussels and Bruges shouldn’t be underestimated either. Visitors from North Rhine-Westphalia in particular have long since discovered the state for themselves and enjoy well-deserved breaks and great family vacations on the beaches.

COVID-19 notice

Currently, there may still be restrictions in public spaces due to the coronavirus pandemic. From August 1st, anyone wishing to enter Belgium for more than 48 hours must complete an immigration form within 48 hours of arrival .

Download the new YouFlanders app so that you can use the barometer integrated there to check how many sights and dining facilities are frequented. So you can be sure that you always keep the necessary distance and can relax on vacation.

Best travel time for Belgium

Best travel time for Belgium

According to businesscarriers, the climate in Belgium is similar to that in Austria, which is why there are similar conditions in terms of travel time . The warmest months are the summer months from June to September. So if you prefer a beach vacation this is the time of year for you. City trips are very nice both in summer with mild temperatures and in winter. Then numerous Christmas markets are set up in the cities and everything is beautifully lit.

Arrival and suitable accommodation

From Austria you need almost 11 hours by car. That would only be for those who do not mind long car journeys. Flying would be the quick and easy alternative. The largest airport is Brussels-Zaventem (BRU). Cheap flights from Vienna, for example, are available from € 24. You can also travel from Great Britain by ferry to Antwerp, where one of the largest trading ports in Europe is located.

Depending on what your heart beats for, there are many different types of accommodation in Belgium. Whether in hotels , B & B’s, holiday apartments, holiday homes or in private accommodations via Airbnb – I’m sure you will quickly find what you are looking for.



Pure nature, great bike paths and lots of inns – you’ll find it all in Limburg. The region in Flanders lies above Liège and is considered to be the most hospitable in Belgium. That alone should be reason enough for you to stop by here. I can recommend the following activities:

  • Cycling : more than 2000 kilometers of cycle paths meander through nature, various villages and towns. Special highlights are two cycle paths that lead you either along the treetops or through the middle of the water . If you don’t have your own bike with you, there are numerous rentals where you can borrow one.
  • Activities in nature : If you are a hiker, enjoy horse riding or want to try out water sports, Limburg is perfect for this. In the village of Borgloon, there is even the option of sleeping in a tree tent.
  • Culinary : Visit one of the wineries in Limburg, try the regional wines and learn more about the cultivation and the special features of the region. You can also enjoy one of the regional specialties such as speculoos, fruit cakes or genever.