Begins The Conquest of The Bloggers Asian (Settled in USA), Would Who Wins The Battle?

Something happens in USA… At least with their egobloggers. And it is that with this phenomenon, there are many who open their own personal page. And between yankee nationwide include three above all with a characteristic in common (aside from your estilazo): are of Asian features. Which one do you prefer? Difficult choice & #8230;

A melody of the most cool

Song of Style is the blog of this girl living in Los Angeles. If your song to fashion is this letter I want to buy all your BSO. And it is that his style has me hooked! The truth is that it uses simple garments and without many complications, but its size makes the result 10.

Your favorite garment? The cigarette pants: show them in all possible ways!

It not afraid of mixing colors that do not marry at first sight. Dare yet, and proof of this is this outfit with jacket camel, lilac, red jersey and scarf Turquoise. Seeing it the result is surprisingly good & #8230;

The layers and more layers at the top is also a premise that always complies to strictly. We saw it with tacks Zara jacket, and we see that here also to comply: shirt, sweater and jacket. What else?

The life color neon

By the name of Jenny and Neon Blush blogged we find their daily outfits. We could classify it in girl classic with a modern twist. Your clothes are not something out of the ordinary: jeans, shorts and jerseys of all life.

But it has a not is what that engages. At least to me already has me as a fan. And is that sometimes it is not that carry sinus How carry you and how you feel.

The photographs are very well done, but its location is not amazing: Los Angeles It has great sites that make these snapshots (the beaches of) Venice Beach, (the promenade in Santa Monica, Beverly Hills and its Rodeo Drive …), but … for what we want to look at the landscape if it occupies centre stage?

Although many times we see that the outfits are not entirely possible: do shorts with sandals combined with a coat of hair? Something failure & #8230;

The most delicate Miss

It responds to the blog of Miss Pouty and is the most romantic and dreamy. Based in New York, It does not hesitate to sell the majority of clothing that uses an online shop.

She loves other companies low-cost as H & M and Zara. And combine them with other clothing a bit more expensive: the perfect Union for many of them… If they can afford it … make it.

Their outfits they do not have much mystery, but the result is impeccable. Few can boast of looking so much with so little.

Among all her outfits one of my favorites is this one Maxi skirt in Pearl-Grey. It is 10, or not?

You know some of them? With what do you stay?