Baxter County, Arkansas Weather

According to, Baxter County is located in north central Arkansas, bordered by Marion County to the northwest, Searcy County to the northeast, Stone County to the east, Izard County to the south, and Fulton and Boone Counties to the west. It has a population of around 41,000 people and covers an area of 652 square miles. The county seat is Mountain Home.

The history of Baxter County dates back to 1873 when it was created out of parts of Marion and Searcy counties. The county is named after Elisha Baxter, who served as Governor of Arkansas from 1873-1874. In its early days, Baxter County was primarily rural with a focus on agriculture and forestry. Today, it continues to be rural but also boasts a growing tourism industry due to its many attractions such as Bull Shoals Lake and Norfork Lake which are popular fishing spots; Blanchard Springs Caverns which offer incredible underground exploration tours; Ozark National Forest which offers camping, hiking trails and wildlife viewing; and Big Creek Golf & Country Club which features an 18-hole championship golf course.

Famous people from Baxter County include former professional baseball player Jim Morris who pitched for the Texas Rangers in 1999; singer/songwriter Johnny Cash who spent his teenage years living in Mountain Home; actor/director Billy Bob Thornton who grew up in Mountain Home; author John Grisham who wrote his first novel while living in nearby Jonesboro; comedian Jeff Foxworthy who lived in Mountain Home for several years after college; actor Brad Pitt whose father owned a trucking company in town; musician Levon Helm whose family moved from Turkey Scratch (in neighboring Fulton County) at age nine; singer Bonnie Raitt whose father was stationed at Norfork Dam during World War II; actor/producer Tim Burton whose grandfather lived in Cotter (in neighboring Marion County); journalist Bill Moyers who briefly lived in Gassville (in neighboring Marion County); artist Ozark Ike whose works can be found throughout Baxter County’s museums and galleries; politician Mike Huckabee who was born in Hope (in neighboring Hempstead County); author Donald Harington whose works are set mostly in Baxter county towns such as Stay More and Parthenon; athlete Alex Collins (NFL) who attended high school at Mountain Home High School before going on to star at Arkansas Razorbacks football program.

Baxter County is an ideal destination for anyone looking for small-town charm combined with big-city amenities. Whether you’re looking for outdoor recreation or cultural attractions – there’s something here for everyone. So come explore this beautiful part of Arkansas – you won’t regret it.

Climate and weather in Baxter County, Arkansas

According to, Baxter County, Arkansas is known for its temperate climate and mild weather. Located in the northern part of the state, Baxter County experiences four distinct seasons. The summers are usually hot and humid with temperatures reaching into the high 80s and low 90s on average. Winters are mild compared to other parts of the country, with temperatures rarely dropping below freezing.

In the spring, temperatures begin to rise as plants start to come back to life after a cold winter. The days are usually sunny with occasional showers and thunderstorms providing relief from the heat. In the summer months, temperatures can reach up into the mid-90s during a heat wave, but more often than not they remain in the high 80s or low 90s. Rainfall is common during this time of year as well, helping keep things cool and comfortable.

Autumn brings cooler temperatures which make it a great time for outdoor activities like camping or hiking in Baxter County’s many parks and forests. Temperatures range from cool mornings to warm afternoons that can reach into the upper 70s on average. Rainfall is still common during this season but usually not as frequent as in summer months.

Winter is generally mild in Baxter County with occasional snow flurries or light snowfalls that rarely accumulate enough to cause problems on roads or highways. Temperatures generally stay above freezing during this season although there may be cold snaps when they dip down into the 20s or even teens at times.

Baxter County has a temperate climate with mild weather that makes it an ideal place for outdoor activities year-round. The region also gets plenty of rain throughout most of the year which helps keep things green and lush no matter what season it is.

Transportation in Baxter County, Arkansas

Baxter County, Arkansas has a wide range of transportation options available to its residents. The county is served by two major highways, US Highways 62 and 412, which provide direct connections to the nearby cities of Mountain Home and Harrison. There are also several smaller state highways that run through the county, allowing for easy access to other cities and towns in the area.

Public transportation in Baxter County is provided by Twin Lakes Transit, which operates buses between Mountain Home and Harrison seven days a week. The transit system also provides services to other areas within the county such as Lakeview, Midway, and Norfork. In addition to bus services, Twin Lakes Transit also operates a Dial-A-Ride program that allows for door-to-door service for those with special needs or disabilities.

For those who prefer to drive their own vehicles around Baxter County, there are several car rental companies located in Mountain Home and Harrison that offer competitive rates on both short-term and long-term rentals. The local airports in both cities also offer car rental services for those flying into the area from out of town.

For those looking for more traditional forms of transportation like trains or planes, Baxter County has you covered as well. The Ozark Regional Airport is located just outside of Mountain Home and provides regularly scheduled flights to Memphis International Airport as well as other regional airports throughout Arkansas and Missouri. Amtrak also serves the region with daily trips between Little Rock Union Station and St Louis Union Station via its Texas Eagle route.

Baxter County offers plenty of options when it comes to getting around town or traveling farther afield. Whether you’re looking for public transit or private car rentals, there’s something here for everyone.

Cities and towns in Baxter County, Arkansas

According to, Baxter County, Arkansas is home to a number of cities and towns that offer a variety of amenities and attractions for visitors and residents alike. The largest city in the county is Mountain Home, which serves as the county seat. It is situated along US Highways 62 and 412 and is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts due to its proximity to Norfork Lake, Bull Shoals Lake, and White River. Other cities in the county include Lakeview, Midway, Norfork, Salesville, Gassville, Cotter, Yellville-Summit, Big Flat, Valley Springs, Gamaliel, Henderson Village and Jordan.

Mountain Home offers an array of activities for those looking to explore the area’s outdoor recreation opportunities. Points of interest in the city include Bull Shoals-White River State Park which features camping sites as well as a marina offering boat rentals; Big Creek Golf & Country Club; Ozark Folk Center State Park; Twin Lakes Playhouse; and Cooper Park with its walking trails and disc golf course.

Norfork is another popular destination in Baxter County due to its stunning views of Norfork Lake. The town also features several restaurants serving up delicious local fare including catfish dinners at White River Fish House or burgers at Norfork Diner & Grill. Visitors can also enjoy swimming or fishing on Norfork Lake or take part in one of the many festivals that are held throughout the year such as Troutfest or Music on Main Street.

Other cities in Baxter County offer unique attractions such as Gassville’s historic downtown district with its antique stores; Valley Springs’ historic McClellan House Museum; Henderson Village’s historic mill village; Salesville’s annual Fourth of July Fireworks Display; Yellville-Summit’s Turkey Trot Festival; Cotter’s Trout Dock Restaurant & Marina on Bull Shoals Lake; Big Flat’s annual Independence Day Celebration; and Gamaliel’s annual Cornbread Festival.

No matter what your interests are or what you are looking for in terms of activities or attractions you can find something fun to do in Baxter County. From outdoor recreation opportunities to historical attractions, there is something here for everyone.