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Barbados is a country located in North America. According to AbbreviationFinder, BB is the two-letter ISO code of Barbados, and BRB is the three-letter country abbreviation for Barbados.

According to Countryaah, the national day of Barbados is November 30. In 2013, Barbados and Caricom called on European colonial states to pay compensation for hundreds of years of slavery. Denmark and the other colonial states ignored the invitation.

Barbados Military

Two robbers, Adrian Mottley and Jamar Headley, were subjected to torture by police at the Hastings police station in Christ Church in March. The purpose of the torture was apparently to allow them to admit robbery other than the one robbery they had already acknowledged.

Barbados has continued to face the death penalty in its criminal code. If convicted of treason or murder, the only possible punishment is death. Along with Trinidad, Barbados is the only country in the Caribbean that continues to have this article in its criminal law.

BARBADOS. – Occupied by the English since 1627, the island achieved full independence within the British Commonwealth on 30 November 1966. Head of state is the sovereign of the United Kingdom, represented by a governor general; executive power is exercised by the government, the legislative power by a bicameral parliament. The capital is Bridgetown (9000 residents).

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The population, made up mostly of blacks and mulattoes, amounted to 238,141 residents at the 1970 census; the density, 560 residents per km 2, is among the highest in the Antilles. The official language is English; the most widespread religion is the Anglican one, followed by 3/4 of the residents. The cultivation of sugar cane has always been the main activity, but, despite a certain export of sugar and rum, it is far from being able to support such a large population, which has made extensive use, after the Second World War, emigration to Great Britain, the United States, Canada (a state with which Barbados has always had close relations) and the British Antilles. For several years, tourism – mainly fueled by North Americans – has represented the greatest source of income: in 1972 there were over 200,000 arrivals. The road network exceeds 1500 km. An international airport operates at Seawell.

History. – The first elections held after independence (9 September 1971) saw the victory of the Democratic Labor Party, the government party of Prime Minister E. Barrow, in power since 1961, which enjoys prestige thanks to economic progress, achieved especially in the field industrial. Barbados is a member of the UN and the OAS.