Attapulgus, Georgia Weather by Month

Attapulgus is a quaint town located in Decatur County, in the southwestern region of Georgia, United States. It is situated approximately 15 miles south of Bainbridge and near the Florida state line, providing easy access to both states’ cultural and economic activities. The town’s name, derived from a Native American word meaning “Dogwood,” reflects its rich cultural heritage and connection to the natural environment.

Attapulgus covers an area of about 0.8 square miles and has a population of around 450 residents, making it a small and close-knit community. Despite its size, Attapulgus is notable for its significant role in the mining industry, particularly for attapulgite clay, which is used in various industrial applications. One of the town’s most prominent companies is the Oil-Dri Corporation of America, which operates a major plant in Attapulgus.

Major landmarks in Attapulgus include the historic Attapulgus Presbyterian Church and the surrounding scenic landscapes that are characteristic of the rural South. The town’s proximity to larger cities and natural attractions, such as Lake Seminole and the Apalachicola National Forest, provides residents and visitors with ample opportunities for recreation and exploration.

Climate and Weather Overview

Attapulgus, Georgia, experiences a humid subtropical climate, characterized by hot, humid summers and mild to cool winters. The town receives a significant amount of precipitation throughout the year and enjoys a high number of sunny days. Below is a table detailing the average temperature, precipitation, and sunny days for each month.

Month Average Temperature (°F) Precipitation (inches) Sunny Days
January 39 – 63 4.2 12
February 42 – 66 4.0 12
March 49 – 72 5.0 14
April 54 – 78 3.7 15
May 62 – 85 3.8 16
June 69 – 90 5.9 17
July 72 – 92 6.1 19
August 72 – 92 5.8 18
September 68 – 88 4.6 17
October 57 – 80 3.1 16
November 48 – 72 3.3 14
December 41 – 65 4.0 12


January in Attapulgus is typically mild, with average temperatures ranging from 39°F at night to 63°F during the day. Precipitation is moderate, with an average of 4.2 inches, mostly in the form of rain. The month usually has about 12 sunny days, providing a mix of clear and cloudy weather.

Recommended Activities

  • Inside Activities: Visiting local museums and libraries.
  • Outside Activities: Winter walks in nearby parks and nature reserves.


February sees slightly warmer temperatures, ranging from 42°F to 66°F. Precipitation averages 4.0 inches. The number of sunny days remains at about 12, indicating continued mixed weather conditions.

Recommended Activities

  • Inside Activities: Indoor sports at local gyms.
  • Outside Activities: Exploring city parks and trails.


March marks the beginning of spring, with temperatures ranging from 49°F to 72°F. Precipitation increases to 5.0 inches, and there are around 14 sunny days. This month is known for its blooming flowers and greener landscapes.

Recommended Activities

  • Inside Activities: Visiting indoor recreational centers.
  • Outside Activities: Participating in local spring festivals and outdoor events.


April continues the warming trend with temperatures between 54°F and 78°F. Rainfall is moderate at 3.7 inches, and there are about 15 sunny days. The weather is typically pleasant, making it a great time for outdoor activities.

Recommended Activities

  • Inside Activities: Enjoying performances at community theaters.
  • Outside Activities: Gardening or visiting botanical gardens.


May is one of the warmer months, with average precipitation of 3.8 inches. Temperatures range from 62°F to 85°F, and there are approximately 16 sunny days. The weather is generally warm, making it ideal for outdoor exploration.

Recommended Activities

  • Inside Activities: Attending local art exhibitions.
  • Outside Activities: Hiking, biking, and attending outdoor concerts.


June brings the start of summer, with temperatures climbing from 69°F to 90°F. Rainfall averages 5.9 inches, and there are about 17 sunny days. The weather is typically hot and humid.

Recommended Activities

  • Inside Activities: Cooling off in indoor swimming pools.
  • Outside Activities: Visiting water parks and nearby lakes.


July is the hottest month, with temperatures ranging from 72°F to 92°F. Rainfall is higher at 6.1 inches, and the month has about 19 sunny days. The heat can be intense, so outdoor activities are best done in the morning or evening.

Recommended Activities

  • Inside Activities: Watching movies in air-conditioned theaters.
  • Outside Activities: Early morning or late evening walks and picnics.


August remains hot, with temperatures from 72°F to 92°F. Rainfall averages 5.8 inches, and there are about 18 sunny days. The summer heat persists, requiring precautions for outdoor activities.

Recommended Activities

  • Inside Activities: Shopping in air-conditioned malls.
  • Outside Activities: Visiting local swimming spots or rivers.


September sees a slight drop in temperatures, ranging from 68°F to 88°F. Rainfall decreases to 4.6 inches, and there are around 17 sunny days. The weather begins to cool slightly, making outdoor activities more comfortable.

Recommended Activities

  • Inside Activities: Attending local craft fairs.
  • Outside Activities: Enjoying fall foliage and outdoor sports.


October is characterized by cooler temperatures between 57°F and 80°F. Rainfall averages 3.1 inches, and there are about 16 sunny days. The cooler temperatures and colorful fall scenery make it a perfect month for outdoor activities.

Recommended Activities

  • Inside Activities: Participating in indoor fall festivals.
  • Outside Activities: Pumpkin picking and attending outdoor markets.


November brings cooler weather, with temperatures from 48°F to 72°F. Rainfall averages 3.3 inches, and there are approximately 14 sunny days. The cooler temperatures and lower humidity make it a pleasant time for outdoor activities.

Recommended Activities

  • Inside Activities: Visiting historical sites and museums.
  • Outside Activities: Hiking and enjoying autumn scenery.


December sees temperatures ranging from 41°F to 65°F. Rainfall is slightly higher at 4.0 inches, and there are about 12 sunny days. The weather is generally cool, with occasional cold fronts.

Recommended Activities

  • Inside Activities: Celebrating holidays with indoor events.
  • Outside Activities: Attending holiday markets and light displays.

Natural Disasters

Attapulgus, Georgia, experiences a variety of weather conditions throughout the year, including the potential for natural disasters. These include:

  • Hurricanes and Tropical Storms: The Atlantic hurricane season from June to November can bring heavy rains and strong winds.
  • Flooding: Heavy rains, particularly during the hurricane season and spring, can lead to localized flooding.
  • Heatwaves: July and August can experience extreme heat, requiring precautions for heat-related illnesses.

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