Atchison County, Kansas Weather

According to, Atchison County is located in the northeast corner of Kansas and is part of the Kansas City metropolitan area. The county has a population of about 15,000 people and covers an area of 824 square miles. The county seat is Atchison, which is also the largest city in the county with a population of around 11,000 people.

Atchison County was established in 1855 and named after David Rice Atchison, an influential figure in early Kansas history. The county’s economy is largely based on agriculture, although manufacturing and tourism are also important industries. The county features several attractions including the Amelia Earhart Birthplace Museum in Atchison as well as several lakes for fishing and boating.

Atchison County has produced some notable figures throughout its history including aviator Amelia Earhart who was born here; John Ritchie, a US Senator from Kansas; William Quantrill, a notorious Confederate guerrilla leader during the American Civil War; and William Allen White, a Pulitzer Prize-winning newspaper editor and author from Emporia.

The Atchison County Courthouse is a historic landmark located on Main Street in downtown Atchison and features an impressive Romanesque Revival-style architecture that dates back to 1889. Other attractions include historic homes such as Castle Rock and Gower Mansion, which offer guided tours; the Benedictine Convent of Mount St Scholastica; Fort Atkinson State Historic Site; Squaw Creek Park; and many more outdoor activities such as fishing, camping, hiking trails, bird watching, etc.

Climate and weather in Atchison County, Kansas

According to, Atchison County is located in the northeast corner of Kansas and has a humid continental climate. The county experiences four distinct seasons including hot, humid summers and cold, dry winters. The average temperature in summer is around 77°F (25°C), while in winter it drops to an average of 27°F (-3°C). The area receives an average of 39 inches (99 cm) of precipitation each year, with most of the rain falling between April and September. Snowfall can occur anytime between November and March, though usually not in large amounts.

The county is subject to severe weather conditions such as thunderstorms, tornadoes, hail storms, and flash flooding. Tornadoes are a common occurrence during the spring months when warm moist air from the Gulf of Mexico collides with cold air from Canada. Hail storms are also possible during this time as well as during the summer months when thunderstorms are more frequent. Flash flooding can occur at any time due to heavy rains or overflowing rivers and streams.

Atchison County has a generally mild climate that makes it ideal for outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, hiking, biking, boating, and more. Winters can be cold but tend to be relatively short-lived with temperatures rarely dropping below 0°F (-18°C). Summers are hot but not unbearably so with temperatures usually reaching 90°F (32°C) or higher on some days.

Transportation in Atchison County, Kansas

Atchison County, Kansas is served by a variety of transportation options that make it easy to get around. The primary means of transport in the county is by road, with several major highways running through the area including Interstate 29, US Highway 59, and State Highway 7. These roads provide access to surrounding towns and cities such as St Joseph, Topeka, and Kansas City. There are also a number of smaller county roads that connect the various towns in Atchison County.

Public transportation in Atchison County is provided by the Atchison-Leavenworth Transit System (ALTS). ALTS operates a fleet of buses that serve major destinations within the county such as downtown Atchison, Fort Leavenworth Military Reservation, and Leavenworth National Cemetery. The system also provides service to nearby cities such as St Joseph and Topeka.

The nearest airport to Atchison County is located in nearby St Joseph which offers flights to various domestic destinations around the United States. Amtrak also serves the area with its Southwest Chief line which stops at several stations in nearby towns including Lawrence, Topeka, and Kansas City.

For those who prefer water-based transport, there are several marinas located near Atchison offering boat rentals for fishing or leisurely cruises on the Missouri River. There are also a number of kayak rental companies along the river where you can explore some of the area’s many islands and creeks.

Cities and towns in Atchison County, Kansas

According to, Atchison County, Kansas is home to a number of cities and towns that offer a variety of amenities to suit all lifestyles. The largest city in the area is Atchison, which serves as the county seat and has a population of around 11,000 people. The city offers a range of shops, restaurants, and entertainment options as well as several parks and outdoor attractions such as the Atchison Riverfront Park.

Leavenworth is another large city located in Atchison County with a population of over 35,000 people. This city is known for its historic downtown area which features several buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places as well as many unique shops and restaurants. Leavenworth also hosts numerous annual festivals such as the Leavenworth Oktoberfest and the Leavenworth Summer Theater Festival.

Other notable cities in Atchison County include Huron, Effingham, Cummings, Lancaster, Potter, Robinsonville, Robinsonville Station, and Muscotah. These small towns offer a more laid-back atmosphere with plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation such as fishing or hiking in nearby state parks like Clinton State Park or Lake Perry State Park.

Atchison County also has several unincorporated communities such as Bendena, Easton, Fairview Heights, Highland Station Hillside Village Mobile Home Park, Nortonville Junction City Valley Falls White Cloud Wolf River Woodsdale East Pointe Estates West Pointe Estates Bigelow Crossing Countryside Estates Oak Tree Estates Twin Rivers Estates Westfield Acres Westwood Estates White Cloud Hills Windy Meadows Estates that provide residents with access to various amenities and services while still maintaining their rural charm.