Arthur County, Nebraska Weather

According to, Arthur County is located in the Nebraska panhandle and is home to a population of approximately 1,711 people. The county was established in 1887 and was named after President Chester A. Arthur. It covers an area of 715 square miles and is bordered by Keith County to the north, Garden County to the east, McPherson County to the south, and Perkins County to the west.

The county seat is Arthur, which is a small rural town with a population of around 120 people. The town was founded by settlers from Ohio and Illinois in 1886. It serves as the commercial center for the county with several stores, restaurants, and other services available.

The area has a rich history that dates back to early Native American tribes such as the Arikara, Pawnee, Otoe-Missouria, Cheyenne-Arapaho, Ponca, Omaha-Ponca, Santee Dakota Sioux and Lakota Sioux who all lived in this region prior to European settlement.

Arthur County is home to several attractions including Lake McConaughy which offers plenty of recreational activities such as fishing or boating; it also has a number of campgrounds available for visitors who wish to stay longer than a day trip. The Ash Hollow State Historical Park offers visitors a chance to explore some of Nebraska’s pioneer history while also providing access to some great hiking trails; it’s also home to one of the state’s largest collections of petroglyphs left behind by Native Americans thousands of years ago.

In addition Arthur County is also home to several famous people including actress Joan Leslie who grew up in Arthur; basketball player Dave Hoppen who played college basketball at nearby Chadron State College; former Nebraska governor Charles Thone; country music singer Don Edwards; author William Least Heat-Moon whose book PrairyErth was set in Arthur; and Major League Baseball player Larry Foss who grew up in Arthur before going on to play for the St Louis Cardinals from 1954-1957.

In conclusion, Arthur County provides visitors with plenty of attractions both natural and historical as well as some well known figures from its past making it an interesting destination for anyone looking for something off the beaten path.

Climate and weather in Arthur County, Nebraska

According to, Arthur County, Nebraska is located in the Midwestern United States and has a humid continental climate. The county experiences four distinct seasons with hot summers, cold winters, and moderate spring and fall temperatures. The average annual temperature is around 54°F (12°C) with an average high of 77°F (25°C) in July and an average low of 28°F (-2°C) in January.

The county receives an average of 26 inches (66 cm) of precipitation annually, most of which falls during the spring and summer months. Winters are generally dry with only a few inches of snowfall each year.

Summers in Arthur County are typically hot and humid with temperatures often exceeding 90°F (32°C). Heat waves are not uncommon during this time but usually last only a few days before being replaced by cooler temperatures; thunderstorms also occur frequently during the summer months.

The fall season brings cooler temperatures that can range from mild to cold depending on the year; this is also when most of the county’s precipitation falls as rain or snow showers. Winters in Arthur County are generally cold with temperatures often dipping below freezing at night; snowfall averages around 8 inches (20 cm) annually although this can vary widely from year to year.

Arthur County has a temperate climate that allows for plenty of outdoor activities throughout the year; while summers can be hot and humid, winters are generally mild enough to still enjoy outdoor recreation such as skiing or snowshoeing. Despite its location in the Midwest, Arthur County experiences relatively little extreme weather making it an ideal place to live or visit for anyone looking for a more temperate climate.

Transportation in Arthur County, Nebraska

Arthur County, Nebraska offers a variety of transportation options for its residents and visitors. The county is served by two major airports, one located in nearby North Platte and the other in Kearney. Both airports offer domestic flights to major cities throughout the United States as well as international flights to Canada and Europe. There are also several smaller regional airports located within Arthur County that provide service to smaller destinations.

The county is served by several bus lines including Greyhound, Megabus, and Jefferson Lines which offer routes to cities throughout the Midwest. Amtrak also serves some of the larger towns in Arthur County with daily train services connecting them to other parts of the country.

For those looking for a more scenic way to travel around Arthur County, there are a number of bike trails that crisscross the county’s rolling hills and picturesque valleys. These trails provide cyclists with an opportunity to explore some of the area’s most beautiful natural areas while getting some exercise at the same time.

In addition, many towns in Arthur County have their own public transportation systems offering bus services between local destinations. These buses typically run on weekday mornings and evenings with some routes extending into weekends as well; fares are usually very affordable making this an ideal form of transportation for those on a budget.

Finally, there are several taxi companies operating throughout Arthur County offering rides between local destinations; these companies usually charge per mile or per hour depending on how far you need to go and how long your journey takes you.

Arthur County offers its residents and visitors a wide variety of transportation options allowing them to get around easily no matter where they need to go.

Cities and towns in Arthur County, Nebraska

According to, Arthur County, Nebraska is home to a variety of cities and towns that offer something for everyone. The county seat is Arthur, a small but vibrant city with plenty of local attractions including a historical museum, art galleries, and a variety of shops and restaurants. Other cities in the county include Brady, Tryon, Stapleton, North Loup, and Thedford.

Brady is known for its quaint downtown area with many historic buildings from the 19th century still standing. The city also hosts an annual fair in the summer that draws visitors from all over the region. Tryon has a unique Wild West theme complete with saloons and cowboy-style storefronts that offer an entertaining look at what life used to be like in this part of the country.

Stapleton is home to several businesses as well as a large outdoor market that sells locally produced goods from around the county. North Loup has several historic buildings and monuments while Thedford offers some great outdoor recreation opportunities such as fishing on its nearby lakes and trails for hiking or horseback riding through its wooded areas.

In addition to these cities there are also numerous smaller towns located throughout Arthur County such as Berwyn, Arnold, Long Pine, Scotia, Ansley, Bartlett and more. Each one offers something unique to explore whether it’s a small-town diner or an interesting museum showcasing area history; no matter where you go there’s sure to be something interesting waiting for you.

Arthur County provides visitors with an exciting mix of cities and towns offering something for everyone; no matter what type of adventure you’re looking for there’s sure to be something here that will keep you entertained.