Armani Jeans Summer 2009, a Bipolar Collection

Normally we bring you collections, teach them and open up the comments for all the opinions. We reduce the value judgments to a minimum, for what that for tastes the colors. However, this time the thing is a little different with the latest of Armani Jeans.

We know that the collections they are not regular, that sometimes have wonderful designs and others to cry. However, the Armani Jeans collection it seems that someone had designed it with multiple personality disorder. Or two twin brothers raised in plan you to Boston and I to California, only replacing Boston by the Upper East Side and California by the Bronx.

The thing starts well. With the Youth air He characterized that section of the brand, casual, with a touch rocker (and remember that to me the rock I love, so we were going in the right direction), and suddenly, Wham!, the Intern He took the brushes and went berserk.

The Intern, servant in the Three thousand homes, recreated in their designs the soul of your neighborhood. Because he is a genuine guy, the real, and not to forget their roots. The downside is that some items are for set them on fire, because the Golden jacket trim of blue is hard to look at, but the white t-shirt is meat market. Not to mention shirt denim, which seems to be elastic, with that color for adhere well to the torso and look the pecholobo Allah has given us.

Don’t miss out, because it is worth seeing, the Cowboy that closes the Gallery, with its Dragon (I think that it is a dragon) engraved on the back. That is to take your land wherever you go and the rest is nonsense. Then pirates reproduce these designs and sell them in the markets, so then go our friends the KIE dressed for the street.

To confuse us, Armani Jeans we put a more posh look also between. Do you not say. It is true that it has a airecillo to Italian gigolo, but in general is House brand so it doesn’t matter. What part of the brain of the designer was working at that time? Obviously that of the Upper East Side.

Thus, we have a irregular collection, with big hits for the summer that is here itself and errors like castles that are only good when the turn Beckham wears them (and still so…). And the truth is that, for what it costs, better let the atrocities to rappers in the world, that they very well to commit crimes against good taste.

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