Ariana Grande, The Queen of The White Shoe, Gets Fashionable

Talk about Ariana Grande is something like talk of the girl who in a short time has become a star. A stardom that evil tongues claim that it has come to you too big to the Florida singer, It has many detractors in the United States. But what is is true that is sweeping and it’s pretty tacky, sold millions of copies but white shoes is your essential accessory.

When a few years ago looked to Ariana Grande, still a girl, posing at the photocall with Princess dresses always thought the difficulty of attending a red carpet when you have not yet well none of the dresses that you can provide, find that harmony between nina and star is a bit complicated. But Ariana was always of the messengers and with young age already is enfundaba in dress red sequin tube and high heels.

And when I say that is a tacky is not to make me up it (I have data confirming it). The covers of their albums are always accompanied by white shoes, something really dangerous on the stylistic ground. But not only part of their front pages but also of their day to day, It is easy to see with maxi-boots or white rooms, She feels adoration.

As regards his style of clothing is also a real nonsense. It is the typical girl that likes to go very tight and short and collegiate style led to its terrain is one of the styles that you like the most. Leather is another favorite material of the 21-year-old singer who does not hesitate to put in a total look Moschino black leather (and this is not his worst looks).

Boots of latex, tops with Glitters, dresses shorts, miniskirts and a hair too tight, We can thus summarize the style of the girl who has become star in a short time and it seems that his career will last enough because his songs caught almost everyone, When a decent stylist?

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