Anna Allen Could Be a Fashion Blogger: So Invent Your Life The Queens of The Appearance

This weekend was a story that left us mouth unseated by surprise: the actress Anna Allen they invented a world parallel to reality through social networks. His account of Instagram It served to make us believe that he is hobnobbing with the cast of The Big Bang Theory, with the guaperrimo Matt Bomer doing a cameo in White Collar, be Hard Rock Florence image or that was the lucky ones to attend the Gala of the Oscar Awards 2015. But we know that in this life is not gold that glitters, and Photoshop of through all over the world can be a parallel reality.

People has been the hands to the head and has been hallucinating to imagination and the morro that this girl that participated in count me how it happened cast you during all the time that lasted the farce. But, what are we surprised? The blogger world is full of lies, and we often they slip lies that pass without penalty or glory.

The most talked-about cases

One of the cases that most gave that talk was the scene starring the most famous blonde in the world of fashion, Chiara Ferragni. And is that the Italian strained for a moment to make a photo with Kate Moss as to believe that both were best friend forever long. To others not to pinch or note with as much evidence, but they announce travel that never arrive, new projects that never see the light and they collaborate with firms of which they had no record.

The blogger world sometimes also used this practice to make us believe something that is not

Sell, here is the key to everything. Make believe the public must be a demand and a CV that does not exist to attract more work and start a ball that does not stop ever. And the practice of taking borrowed pictures and hang them as if they were own is not something that only Anna Allen has done: there are many which hang breakfast Pinterest, dream homes that nothing have to do with their homes and implausible stories that only serve to sell smoke. Where are we going to get?