Angola Military

Angola 1997

Angola is a country located in Africa. According to AbbreviationFinder, AO is the two-letter ISO code of Angola, and AGO is the three-letter country abbreviation for Angola.

Yearbook 1997

Angola. Several important decisions were made during the year to enable a lasting peace. A unity government was formed in April. The former guerrilla movement UNITA took the 59 seats in the parliament that it won in the 1992 elections. According to Countryaah, the national day of Angola is November 11. UNITA also occupied the ministerial posts for mines, tourism and health care, as well as seven deputy ministerial posts. Many heads of state attended the ceremony, which was held to mark the historically important day. However, Savimbi announced that he did not intend to participate “for security reasons”.

Angola Military

In August, the UN Security Council decided to impose sanctions on UNITA because the former guerrilla movement did not respect the peace agreement. During the summer, UNITA was involved in several armed incidents. The Security Council also decided that the UN should continue to focus its efforts on the civil aspects of the peace process. The new UN operation was called MONUA. Sweden decided to participate with three military observers and 20 civilian police officers.

Angola was involved in the conflict in the Republic of Congo during the year. Congo sent military forces to the neighboring country to secure the Angolan peace process. Angola supported former President Denis Sassou-Nguesso, who in October was about to regain power in the country. Among other things, wanted to prevent the Cabinda enclave’s separatist guerilla from operating from bases in the Republic of Congo. The guerrillas have long fought for the independence of the oil-rich enclave.

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Mass arrest during demonstrations

October 25

Police in Luanda have arrested more than 100 people in connection with violent protests against the government. The arrests come after several days of unrest in the capital when protesters barricaded central parts and burned Angolan flags. Their demand is that the country carry out the local elections that were to be held this year but which were postponed as a result of the corona pandemic. According to Interior Minister Salvador Rodrigues, several prominent politicians from the opposition party Unita are among those arrested.


The churches are allowed to reopen

September 20

After religious gatherings have been banned for six months due to the corona pandemic, churches are allowed to reopen. The prerequisite is that the rules on physical distancing and mouth protection are complied with. The opening is celebrated with a mass worship service in Luanda for over 3,000 participants. So far during the pandemic, Angola has reported just over 3,900 cases of covid-19, of which 147 deaths.