Amaya Arzuaga at Pasarela Cibeles Fall-Winter 2007 / 2008

The collection that Amaya Arzuaga presents for the next autumn-winter 2007-2008 is inspired by two opposing camps: technology and nature. Trends that include the use of materials of new generation, very fashion and bold, but spectacular, with organic fabrics: plastic coated paper, point padded, wool and cashmere, mikado silk, braids and point lace. The clothes are of futuristic cutting, along with these materials, give as a result a few contrasts to create Visual games.

A line of overlapping of garments, pants skinny pants and high-waisted. As for the colors, Black is the true protagonist. Accompany you Fuchsia magenta, dark flame, ivory and metals. Accessories: belts, shoes patent leather, leather and plastic. A collection with a few sets that I would love to look because they really draw attention. Quite a spectacle made reality.