Allamakee County, Iowa Weather

According to, Allamakee County, Iowa is located in the northeastern corner of the state and is bordered by Minnesota to the north and Wisconsin to the east. The county has a population of 14,822 people, according to the 2018 census. Allamakee County was founded in 1847 and was named after Chief Allamakee, a leader of the Winnebago tribe. The county seat is Waukon, which is also the largest city in the area.

Allamakee County offers a variety of attractions for visitors and locals alike. One popular destination is Effigy Mounds National Monument located outside of Harpers Ferry. This archaeological site features more than 200 Native American mounds with some dating back more than 2,000 years ago. Another popular attraction in Allamakee County is Yellow River State Forest located near Harpers Ferry. This forest offers numerous outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, hunting, hiking trails, and bike trails for those looking to explore nature.

Allamakee County also has its share of famous people who have called it home at one time or another. One such person is actor Ashton Kutcher who was born in Cedar Rapids but raised in Homestead before moving away for college. Another notable person from Allamakee County is professional golfer Zach Johnson who hails from Cedar Rapids as well. Additionally, former Major League Baseball player Bob Feller was born in Van Meter which is located in Allamakee County as well.

Allamakee County has something to offer everyone looking for an enjoyable experience whether it’s exploring historic sites or taking part in outdoor activities like fishing or camping at Yellow River State Forest. With its rich history and vibrant culture there’s something for everyone to enjoy here.

Climate and weather in Allamakee County, Iowa

According to, Allamakee County, Iowa has a humid continental climate with four distinct seasons. Summers are generally warm and humid with temperatures ranging from 70-85 degrees Fahrenheit. Winters are typically cold and snowy with temperatures ranging from 0-30 degrees Fahrenheit. Spring brings mild temperatures and heavier rainfall while fall brings cooler temperatures and less rainfall. The county receives an average of 36 inches of precipitation annually, which is evenly distributed throughout the year.

Due to its location in the upper Midwest, Allamakee County experiences extreme weather conditions such as snowstorms, tornadoes, flooding, thunderstorms, hail storms, and extreme heat waves during certain times of the year. During winter months the county can receive up to 40 inches of snow per year while summer months can experience severe thunderstorms with high winds and heavy rains. Tornadoes are also a potential danger during spring months as Allamakee County is located in Tornado Alley.

The county also experiences occasional droughts during late summer as well as occasional flooding due to its proximity to several rivers including the Mississippi River which forms its northern border with Minnesota. Despite these weather conditions, Allamakee County still remains a great place to live due to its moderate climate which allows for outdoor activities all year round.

Transportation in Allamakee County, Iowa

Allamakee County, Iowa is a rural area with limited public transportation options. The county is served by two bus routes operated by the Allamakee County Transit System which provide service to the cities of Waukon, Lansing, and Decorah. The bus system also provides service to other towns and villages in the county including New Albin, Harpers Ferry, and Waterville. There are also several private taxi services that operate in the area for those who need transportation to areas not serviced by the public transit system.

The majority of residents in Allamakee County own personal vehicles for getting around. The county has an extensive network of roads including state highways such as U.S. Route 52 which runs through Waukon and U.S. Route 18 which runs through Decorah, as well as many smaller county roads throughout the region. There are also several bridges that connect Allamakee County to neighboring counties in Iowa and Minnesota such as the High Bridge over the Mississippi River at Lansing-Decorah and the Main Street Bridge over Yellow Creek at Waterville-New Albin.

For those looking to travel further away from Allamakee County there are several airports located nearby including La Crosse Regional Airport in Wisconsin (which is about 45 miles away) and Waterloo Regional Airport (which is about 70 miles away). Amtrak’s Empire Builder train route also stops at Elgin station which is about 40 miles away from Waukon, providing easy access to Chicago and other major cities along its route.

Cities and towns in Allamakee County, Iowa

According to, Allamakee County, Iowa is home to several cities, towns, and villages that offer residents a variety of amenities and attractions. The county’s largest city is Waukon which serves as the county seat and is home to approximately 5,000 people. Waukon is well-known for its historic downtown district which features a variety of unique shops and restaurants. The city also boasts a beautiful park system along the Upper Iowa River that includes hiking trails and picnic areas.

Lansing is another prominent city in Allamakee County with an estimated population of about 1,500 people. This small town has a charming Main Street with several shops and eateries as well as an old-fashioned movie theater. Lansing also offers outdoor recreation opportunities such as fishing along the Mississippi River or golfing at the nearby Lansing Country Club.

Decorah is located in the southwestern corner of Allamakee County and has a population of about 8,000 people. This vibrant college town is home to Luther College and offers numerous cultural attractions including the Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum, the Trout Run Trail, and Dunning’s Spring Park. Decorah also has an active downtown area filled with cafes, restaurants, galleries, boutiques, and other unique businesses.

In addition to these larger cities there are numerous smaller towns throughout Allamakee County such as New Albin (population 600), Harpers Ferry (population 500), Waterville (population 400), Postville (population 300), Farmersburg (population 250) and many more that all offer their own unique charm. Each community features its own distinctive mix of businesses ranging from general stores to antique shops to local wineries or craft breweries – all providing plenty of reasons for visitors to explore what Allamakee County has to offer.