Adventure Namibia 2

Adventure Namibia

The tried and tested is being reinstalled

The most beautiful lions in the world are (supposedly) in the Etosha pan. The highest dunes are in Sossusvlei. The oldest desert is near Swakopmund. Actually there are so many superlatives about Namibia that you can’t believe it. You have to see it!

I was in Namibia for the first time in 2007 and was so enthusiastic about the diversity of the landscape and the animal populations from the start that I am drawn to Namibia again and again. With our partner agency (and of course with my family) I worked out what was probably the most successful and one of the first family trips to Namibia with Albert. Now we have specialized more and more and offer nature trips worldwide. So it is obvious to implement this new travel idea in Namibia with friends and proven partners.

Good ideas in progress

So we sat down and debated possible travel routes, we want to do something different from the many competitors in Namibia. The deeper meaning of a trip to Namibia should be ‘Experience the beauty of nature and protect it’. Therefore, whenever possible, we have selected hotels that work sustainably and are certified. We have stipulated that every guest with us has enough legroom on the bus.

We have drastically reduced the group size and laid the routes in such a way that our travelers can experience the world-famous highlights of the country as well as our insider tips. We skip tourist crowds whenever possible. We visit small, individual lodges and campsites. And we support a nature conservation project with every trip and luckily there are a lot of them in Namibia. Since most of these projects are started and managed by private organizations, they are dependent on donations. From my own experience, trust and a look behind the scenes is an important aspect when it comes to donations. On site we learn how to protect nature and wildlife in a sustainable way in the various projects.

Tested by the boss

Incidentally, we tested the tour in November 2017, then completely renewed it and now the trips are ready for your adventures in Namibia. I am sure you will be as fascinated by Nambia as I was from the first moment. Incidentally, due to its infrastructure, Namibia is a very good entry-level country in Africa.

Adventure Namibia 2