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Yearbook 1997

1997 YemenYemen. According to Countryaah, the House of Representatives, the Legislative Assembly, approved the budget for January 1, despite the fact that most members of the minority party in the coalition government, Yemen's Reform Alliance (Islah), boycotted the meeting. The larger of the parties in the coalition government, the People's Congress (General Peoples Congress, GPC), were thus able to adopt the draft budget without objection. Coalition partner Islah's members boycotted the vote because they felt they had not had enough time to discuss the proposal.

1997 Yemen

GPC won a convincing election victory in the general elections on April 27. The party, together with Islah, received 240 of the House of Representatives 301 seats (GPC 187, Islah 53 seats). Most of the remaining seats were occupied by independent candidates. The Socialist Party (Yemen Socialist Party, YSP) boycotted the election along with four other smaller parties. The reason was stated to be feared election fraud on the part of the government parties.

Although between 10 and 20 people were killed in connection with the election, it was considered by foreign observers to have been conducted in a largely fair manner. The turnout was just over 50%.

A new government was appointed on May 15. President Ali Abdullah Saleh appointed Faraj Said Ben Ghanim as new Prime Minister.

A meeting, organized in Brussels on June 18-19 by the World Bank and the EU, resulted in promises of $ 1.8 billion in international support for the Yemeni government's economic reform program.

On October 31, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) approved a $ 512 million loan to Yemen.

At the end of June, clashes between Yemen and Saudi troops took place along the common and disputed border. Reports talk about major human and material losses on both sides. According to some data, the United States should have intervened and mediated in the conflict.

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